How to Fix Brother Printer Error 46?

Hello, I have bought a new brother printer. But now i am printing brother printer showing error 46. I have no idea about that how to fix brother printer error 46. Please give me any solution.

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Fixed Brother Printer Error 46:

Error 46 is one of the most common errors that one can face while using a Brother printer. If you wish to resolve brother printer error 46, then you may have to replace the pad that absorbs ink. This error 46 generally arises when your printer’s ink absorber pad is full.

The absorber generally absorbs the ink that gets wasted. If one continues to print when it is full can lead to the problem of ink overflow. In order to get rid of this problem all you have to do is to replace the absorber pad as quickly as possible. There are times when this error pops up even when the absorber isn’t full.

Troubleshooting Methods to Fix the Brother Printer Error 46:

Ink absorber is one of the most essential parts of the printer. But this is not as problematic as you think. Here we are available with easier ways through which you can get rid of the Brother machine error 46. This is the procedure that you need to follow to bring your printer in a running condition.

  • Get in touch with the Brother printer support team to learn more regarding this error.
  • Turn on your printer and take a look at the error message. When you locate it,close the message and move forward with the next step.
  • Press and hold the scan or copy button simultaneously. Now to fix Brother printer error 46, click on the touch screen menu.
  • Press the scan key and mono button at least 4 times. When you will do that, the message will appear in front of you showing a message of “maintenance”.
  • After that, type 80 and press the button of copy and scan together at the same time for navigation.
  • After that, use the keys of Up and Down for navigation.
  • Then to fix Brother printer error 46, type 2783 for resetting the purge counters.
  • If you wish to go to the normal screen, press exit.
  • Exit the mode of maintenance by pressing 99.
  • After that, your printer will start performing in a normal way.
  • By following the above-mentioned ways, you can get rid of your printer problems and continue with your printing work that got interrupted because of error 46. If you are not able to get rid of your problem, then the last option you are left with is to replace the ink absorber.

If there is any kind of maintenance and repair issue, then the technicians will help you in resolving that problem. We hope that the above mentioned solution can help you in getting rid of the problem of Brother machine error 46.

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