How to Fix Brother Scanner not Working Issue?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix Brother scanner not working issue while trying to scan with this. Help me.

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Answer - 1

Fix Brother Scanner not Working Issue:

Printer issues are triggered by corrupt or obsolete drivers, but in order to repair them, you can need dedicated support. To make sure you run their most recent versions, download and install this driver updater tool. In 3 simple steps, inspect your drivers:

Step 1: Please download and install this Driver Updater tool here.

Step 2: If installed, to find obsolete and poor printer drivers, press Search.

Step 3: After the check, click Update Your Drivers Now to start the repair/updating process.

As you can not only print, but also copy, scan, or fax, Brother printers are known for being reliable, desk-friendly, space-saving, and functional. But like every other technology, depending on how you've handled the computer, it's possible to have a few issues here and thereafter a while in use, which is why most if not all machines come with manuals.

Not all manuals, however, have troubleshooting measures that are comprehensive for each and every problem you can face, such as if you are using Windows 10 operating system when Brother Printer won't scan.

In this case, the network setting of the scanner driver might be wrong, so we have mentioned some fixes that you can apply when Brother Printer doesn't scan in Windows 10.

Check Whether the Machine is on without Any Errors

  1. If you turn on the Brother Printer and notice that the LCD window is blank, it means that it is in sleep mode or off. Therefore, what you should do is push a button on the printer to see if it wakes it up from sleep mode, then checks if the power cable of the printer is plugged into a power outlet and all the power switches are switched on.
  2. Check the LCD monitor if there are any error messages, such as paper jam, empty ink/toner, and troubleshoot to clear it if there is a particular error message.

Check Your Connection

If you want to use the network scanning tool, configure your Brother printer via the peer-to-peer network environment since it operates from a server computer, not a client PC.

Check the Scanner Driver of the Printer

  • Select Start to open the Scanner List and pick Control Panel.
  • Type the word 'scanner' into the search box on the control panel.
  • Click the Scanners and Cameras display icon.
  • Check to see if your Brother printer scanner icon exists.

  • Install a scanner driver if it doesn't exist,
  • Go to the Downloads section of the website for Brother.
  • Download the kit for Complete Driver & Software and follow the available instructions.

If this problem is solved, you might be interested in a scanner program to optimize your documentation and all scanned documents. We recommend that you try various measures to make sure the issue is resolved. Were you able to solve the problem of the Brother printer not scanning? In the comments section below, let us know.

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