How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 2.140.21?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix Canon printer error code 2.140.21. When i am trying to print with this canon printer then it causing error of this type. Help me.

Fix Canon Printer Error Code 2.140.21:

When you are using Canon Printer or any other brand printer then you undoubtedly have faced error code 2.140, 21 or 2140, 21. You will face this kind of certain error in your Canon printer when there is some kind of bug or technical issue. But don’t worry, you can simply fix this 2.140.21 canon error in minutes.

Here in this blog, we will provide you with the best method for How to Fix Canon Printer Error 2.140.21 or 2140.21 immediately.

Steps to Fix the Error Code 2.140.21 in Canon Printer-

Solution : 1 Stop the Process of Printing

Most of the time you will find the error 2140.21 at the time scanning the document through your Canon printer. It’s quite easy to solve this bug in Canon printers, just you need to give your system a simple command to stop printing the document. Simply follow the below-mentioned steps to quick Fix Canon Printer Error Code 2.140.21:

  • Go to Start
  • Search Control Panel
  • Click on Devices & Printers option
  • Tap on Printer
  • Tap on “Stop Printing” button

Solution 2 : Do a Factory Reset

Factory Restore is another solution to solve 2.140.21 Canon error. Through the printer restore the whole settings done by you will turn into the factory defaults. To regain your Canon printer back to the factory default you have to run the following steps:

  • Turn the Canon printer off.
  • Unplug the power cable for 30 seconds and after that reconnect again to the printer.
  • Turn on the Printer, press and hold the resume button for 10 to 15 seconds. A light called Attention light will turn ON.
  • Leave the Resume button and you will see light will keep blinking in cycle till your Canon Printer will regain to factory defaults.

Another Method to Fix Printer Error Code 2, 140, 21

Here you will find some more methods to solve the variousCanon Printer Error Code 2.140.21. Follow them and get the issue resolved within a few hours.

Reinstall the Printer Driver

  • First of all, direct to the Control Panel and uninstall the outdated version of driver.
  • After uninstalling, reinstall the driver of the printer from the official site of Canon.

Turn off Firewall:

  • Open Control panel.
  • Choose the option System and Security.
  • Choose the Windows Firewall or Windows Defender.
  • Choose the option Switch Windows Firewall ON or OFF.
  • Check Mark on the Bubble next to Turn Off Windows Defender Firewall.
  • Click on OK to save the new Windows Firewall changes.

Replace Canon Printer Cartridge:

  • First of all, note down the Canon Printer Brand and model number.
  • Power on Canon Printer and open the flap or Lid that encloses the cartridge.
  • Remove the Canon cartridge number and model type.
  • Slowly remove the cartridges you want to replace from your Canon wireless printer.
  • Wave the brand new cartridge before unpacking it from the box.
  • Take out the protective layer called protector that covers the ink dispenser.
  • Put the cartridge into your Canon printer.
  • Take a test page print.
  • Resetting the printer.
  • These all are the methods which definitely help you out to fix code 2.140 21 Canon scanner troubles in a few minutes. Our Remote services give you professional experience.

Why Choose a Tech Support Expert for Canon Printer?

Technical failures are something you can’t easily get out of and so it’s ideal for you to get help from the eld’s experts. Canon offers quick customer support. They have technicians that are ready to guide any malfunction at every time. The quality of your work is accordingly involved because the malfunctioning of the printer is nearly canceled.

In terms of your printer, you can easily contact the Canon Printer Support toll-free Number. The experts are always ready to provide the best support possible to the customers. We are the most suitable provider of customer support because:

  • The response time to your calls is swift.
  • You are guaranteed complete customer satisfaction.
  • The tech specialists are available 24/7 on call and chat.
  • You can contact technicians directly through a toll-free number.
  • Best assisted over the process through experienced professionals.
  • You will be offered with complete troubleshooting by remote access.

Toll free Number for Canon Printer Solutions

To remove the hurdles seen from the roots, try to contact specialized and certified support services. The expert team will offer a high-end solution for complex and complicated warning and can be reached throughout the year 24 hours a day.

Share your experience, problems, and feedback with us related to the Canon printer on our official email address printer on our Our team will try to resolve every technical problem related to Canon or another brand printer.



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How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 2.140.21?

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