How to Fix Dirty Spots are Printed in Brother Printer?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix dirty spots are printed in Brother printer. When i am trying to print paper then it's printing with dirty spots. Help me in fixing.

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Fix Dirty Spots are Printed in Brother Printer:

Brother printer is multifunctional printer which is quite compact and reliable for home and office use. It simplifies your printing, copying and scanning work in the affordable rates. This printer is compatible for both windows and MAC machines. This printer also simplify your work in affordable rates.

Brother printers like other printers’ required regular maintenance to operate properly. Some maintenance depends on the how often this machine has been used, how many page you are printing on a daily basis or regular basis.

If you notice that brother printer is facing problems getting paper out of the paper feeder, this problem is likely due to either dirty pickup roller, separation of roller or both. These rollers become dirty over time from the paper dust and other airborne debris.

If you are facing such kind of trouble with your brother printer, so in this blog, we are explaining how to fix dirty spots are printed in brother printer.

Main Causes to Get Dirty Spots During Printing:

There are some possible reasons that your printer might be causing dirty spots or smudges down the page when you print your important documents and here we are going to address each one in turn in a process to eliminate to fix your problem.

Here are the General Causes Below:

  • Sometimes your brother printer missing that particular area to be print.
  • Spot where you are not able to read anything.
  • Smudges on the page(always in the same place or place is changing every time).

Step by Step Solutions to Fix Dirty Spots are Printed in Brother Printer-

  • First turn off your brother printer and unplug it from the outlet.
  • Then remove the paper tray and look inside the machine where your paper tray keeps. You will see separation of roller and pickup roller. Check the surface of the rollers to see whether the roller is clean or dirty.
  • Now you are required to clean the roller with microfiber cloth which has been moistened with water. Now allow the roller to dry. It is advised not to use any cleaning solution during the cleanup of the roller.
  • Now reassemble the printer and plug the power cord back to the outlet. Now turn the printer on and use it as normally.

This above solution is basically refers to the cleanup operation performed over the roller and you might get resolve your issue by following above tips.

There are some other alternative method which are used to fix dirty spots are printed on the brother printer.

Few Immediate Solving Tips:

Step 1 : Make 10 to 15 copies of a blank white sheet of paper.

Step 2 : If you are getting dirty spot after making 10-15 copies, then clean the drum as follows.

Step 3 : Remove the drum unit and finally remove the toner cartridge from the drum unit.

Step 4 : Then print sample in the front of the drum unit. You will get to know the precise position on the drum that is causing the poor print.

Step 5 : Turn on the black gear on the drum after checking the surface of the OPC drum.

Step 6 : Do not touch OPC drum with the fingers which is photosensitive.

Step 7 : If you find the substance of the drum surface which matches the print sample then gently dab the surface of the OPC drum with a cotton swab.

Step 8 : Do not use any scrubbing over the drum which might damage your drum.

Step 9 : Do not perform clean operation over the OPC drum to the sharp object which might cause permanent damage to the drum unit.

Still Facing Dirty Spot:

If you are still facing dirty spots during printing, then you have to run printer cleanup operation to resolve the issue. Printer cleanup operation will check out the whole printer problem and possibly rectify this kind of problem in very easy manner.

Change the Cartridge:

If you are still facing dirty spot issue on your brother printer, you need to replace your toner or cartridge with the new one.

On following all above solutions, still you are facing this dirty spot issue on your brother printer; you are free to contact brother printer technical support in the 24*7 environment. Technical support executive hear up your issue and will try to resolve in specific period of time. This is the detailed document on How to fix Dirty spots are printed in brother printer?

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