How to Use Brother Printer to Print in Black?

I want to use Brother printer to print in black but unable to do so. Sometimes everything prints in pink color and sometimes blue color. I have also checked black ink cartridge and everything is fine. Please suggest me what can I do in this situation. I have also changed printer preferences but nothing is working.

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Answer - 1

Use Brother Printer to Print in Black Only:

Print in Grayscale – Although Brother printers are richly colored but if you want to print documents only in black ink then you can easily do this.]

Step 1 : Open Brother printer’s dialog box and then choose two-sided printing.

Step 2 : In next step, press a click on the checkbox that is next to “Print in grayscale”. If the option “Print in black” is available then tap on it and then proceed to next step.

Step 3 : Although some software programs such as Microsoft powerpoint allow you to both view and print documents in grayscale from the View option that is present within the program.

Use Reserve Mode - In some printers, there is a built-in reserve mode that prints only in black ink, if other ink cartridges are empty or not functioning properly. Although you can force your Samsung printer into reserve mode be removing ink cartridge.

Print in Draft Mode - You can also conserve ink by choosing “Draft” from the printer dialog box. Although draft mode generally prints with both black and color ink but prints at a lower resolution.

If You Want to Use Brother Printer to Print in Black Only Then Run Your Brother Printer in “B&W Print Only” Mode.

Follow These Steps -

Step 1 : First of all verify that unit has a message on the touchscreen i.e., B&W print only Replace Ink or B& W 1 sided print only replace ink. After this, proceed to next step.

Step 2 : If color ink cartridges are empty then “Can’t print” message will display on the screen. To get back into Black and White mode, just press the Cancel button. If still the same message is displaying then replace the ink cartridges.

Step 3 : If the Touchscreen displays “Cannot print” message then Brother printer will stop all print operations.

Step 4 : In next step, change the printer driver to greyscale. For this, go to the further point.

Step 5 : Open Printing Preferences and then click on the Basic tab. In the Media type, choose the option “Plain paper”. Also, confirm that you have unchecked the option “Slow Drying paper”.

Step 6 : Next, click on Advanced tab and then click on the radio button that is next to “Grayscale”.

Step 7 : After this, click on Apply button.

Step 8 : If there exist print jobs in the print queue then delete them. To cancel any jobs waiting, press Cancel button.

Now you can use Brother Printer to print in Black and White.

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