How to Reset Brother Printer DCPJ-125?

My Brother Printer DCPJ-125 is stating offline message and that's why I am unable to print any business documents. One of my friend suggested me to reset Brother printer but I don’t know how to reset Brother Printer. If anyone know the process of resetting Brother printer then please guide me! Any help is much appreciated!

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Reset Brother Printer DCPJ-125 -

Just Follow These Steps One by One to Reset Brother Printer DCPJ-125 :

Step 1 : Verify that your printer is turned off and the cable is not installed.

Step 2 : Hold the OK button and then plug printer’s power cable into the power point.

Step 3 : Now, the indicator light will turn on or you will see “Machine Error 46” message. Just ignore the error message and press UP arrow key. Choose no. 8 and hit Enter.

Step 4 : In next step, press arrow (^) key and choose 0. By doing this, Brother Printer will standby in Service Mode.

Step 5 : After this, press Mono key and after that you will see this message “Purge Counter Appear”.

Step 6 : Then, press up arrow key (^) and select no.2. Press the OK button.

Step 7 : Again press up arrow key (^) and select no. 7. Then press OK button.

Step 8 : Choose up arrow key (^) and choose no. 8. Again, click on Ok button.

Step 9 : Choose up arrow key (^), select no. 3 and press OK button.

Step 10 : Now, purge counter will automatically turn into 0. Press Exit.

Step 11 : “Machine error 46” message will emerge and now you have to press up arrow key and select no.9. Hit OK.

Step 12 : Now, your Brother printer will restart itself.

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