How to Reset Brother Printer DCPJ-125?

My Brother Printer DCPJ-125 is stating offline message and that's why I am unable to print any business documents. One of my friend suggested me to reset Brother printer but I don’t know how to reset Brother Printer. If anyone know the process of resetting Brother printer then please guide me! Any help is much appreciated!


Just Follow These Steps One by One to Reset Your Brother Printer DCPJ-125 :

Step 1 : Verify that your printer is turned off and the cable is not installed.

Step 2 : Hold the OK button and then plug printer’s power cable into the power point.

Step 3 : Now, the indicator light will turn on or you will see “Machine Error 46” message. Just ignore the error message and press UP arrow key. Choose no. 8 and hit Enter.

Step 4 : In next step, press arrow (^) key and choose 0. By doing this, Brother Printer will standby in Service Mode.

Step 5 : After this, press Mono key and after that you will see this message “Purge Counter Appear”.

Step 6 : Then, press up arrow key (^) and select no.2. Press the OK button.

Step 7 : Again press up arrow key (^) and select no. 7. Then press OK button.

Step 8 : Choose up arrow key (^) and choose no. 8. Again, click on Ok button.

Step 9 : Choose up arrow key (^), select no. 3 and press OK button.

Step 10 : Now, purge counter will automatically turn into 0. Press Exit.

Step 11 : “Machine error 46” message will emerge and now you have to press up arrow key and select no.9. Hit OK.

Step 12 : Now, your Brother printer will restart itself.

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How to Reset Brother Printer DCPJ-125?

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