How to Fix HP Printer Alignment Problem?

Hello, Let me know that how to fix HP printer alignment problem. Actually when i am trying to print they showing printer alignment problem error. Now I don't know how to solve this HP printer alignment problem.

HP Printer Alignment Problem:

When ink fails to line up in a proper manner on a page or your printer starts showing up the message of alignment failed, then that means there are alignment issues with your printer. The HP printers are aligned by aligning the ink cartridges, by using a different paper or by resetting the router.

Method 1: Using HP Solutions Center and Align Ink Cartridges

Step 1: Turn ON your HP printer.

Step 2: Load A-4 size sheets or plain white paper in the input tray of the printer.

Step 3: Launch the application of HP solution center on your computer system.

In case you are using a computer system that has a Windows operating system, then find the application by going to the Start menu, then Programs and then finally click on HP.

Step 4: To solve the HP printer alignment problem, go to settings and the select printer settings that is given in the HP solution center.

Step 5: Go to the Printer toolbox and then click on it. The window of printer toolbox will open up on the screen.

Step 6: To deal with HP printer alignment problem, click on the option of align the print cartridges.

Step 7: Select align and then follow the instructions that are given on the screen for aligning the cartridges in a proper manner.

Method 2: Resetting the Printer

Step 1: Turn ON the Hp printer.

Step 2: Remove the power cord from the back of your printer and let the printer remain turned on.

Step 3: Disconnect the power cord of your printer from the wall outlet.

Step 4: Wait for a period of 15 seconds and then connect it back again to the power source.

Step 5: To solve HP printer alignment problem, connect the power wire to the printer once again.

Step 6: Wait for the printer to get turned on automatically. In case, it does not get turned on, on its own, then you should press the power button.

Step 7: Try printing a page to check that there is no alignment issue.

Method 3: Use the Right Type of Paper

Step 1: Take out the paper that is already there in the input tray.

Step 2: Check the paper and ensure that it is unused, clean, and the sheet is A-4 size. There are certain cases where your printer can go out of alignment that is when you use a used paper, color, or photo.

Step 3: Remove the used paper, color, or photo if possible and instead put a plain white paper in the input tray.

Step 4: Select the right arrow and then click on setup by going to the control panel of the printer, which is given in the home screen.

Step 5: Now to solve HP printer alignment problem, click on tools.

Step 6: Click on align printer after touching the down arrow. After that, your printer is going to print a test alignment page.

Step 7: Open the print head and keep the alignment test page on the scanner glass. Make sure that the printed side of the page is facing downwards.

Step 8: Now to get rid of HP printer alignment problem, keep the paper in the front right side on the top right corner of the scanner glass.

Step 9: In the next step, you can shut the printhead and then click on ok. Then, your printer will begin scanning the alignment page.

Step 10: Carefully look at the alignment page and ensure that it shows up a series of marks, which are blue and black in color.

Step 11: Carefully look at the colored marks and ensure that they are not streaky, inconsistent, or faded. In case, the colored marks have any sort of inconsistencies, then you will have to replace both or at least one of the ink cartridges in your printer for getting rid of the alignment problems.

Step 12: Please check that your printer is properly aligned and no error messages are popping up on the screen.

Alternative Method to Fix HP Printer Alignment Problem

Step 1: Open the setup window of the printer driver.

Step 2: Go to the maintenance tab and select custom settings. After that, the custom setting dialog box will open up.

Step 3: After that, change the head alignment and make it manual. The checkbox of align heads manually will appear and then check it.

Step 4: Apply these settings. Then, click on ok and then the confirmation message will pop up in front of you.

Step 5: To solve HP printer alignment problem, go to the maintenance tab and then select print head alignment. The dialog box of start print head alignment will open up.

Step 6:  After that, put the paper in the machine. Load at least 3 sheets or a plain paper of letter size into the rear tray.

Step 7:  Execute head alignment. Please ensure that your machine is turned on and then select align print head. Carefully adhere to the instructions that are given in the message.

Step 8: Put in the numbers of the patterns and that too with very less number of streaks in the associated boxes. If you select the pattern with the least streaks in the preview window, then their numbers will get entered into the associated boxes on the spot. After entering all the important values, click on OK.

Step 9:  A confirmation message will appear in front of you. Click on OK. Then, the second pattern will start printing.

So, this will solve your HP printer alignment problem.



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How to Fix HP Printer Alignment Problem?

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