How to Reset the WiFi Connection on Your Brother Printer?

Hello, Please let me know that how to reset the WIFI connection on your Brother printer. I am facing some issue while printing with my Brother printer wit wifi. Help me.

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Reset the WiFi Connection on Your Brother Printer:

Brother printer is a multifunction printer that is used to get black and color print. Brother printer has 20 page per minute for black print out and its paper tray accept A4, A5, A6 paper size. Brother printer works on network.

This multifunction printer has high-speed USB 2.0 port . Brother printer is a very sleek printer as compare to other printers. Brother printer has touch screen display control for your added convenience.

Sometimes you might face this kind of problem when printer is connected with wireless network but you are not able to take print out using brother printer. One of the Brother printer reset wifi issues, suppose you lost or forget your Wi-Fi password. So in this situation, you need to reset WiFi connection on brother printer.

Here We are Explaining Step by Step Solutions to Reset the WiFi Connection on Your Brother Printer:

Step 1 : First of all you are required to have a password and network name for your wireless network which is usually written on the back of your modem.

Step 2 : You need to press menu button on the touchpad control panel( If you have touch screen panel first goto setting or spanner & screw driver icon thereafter select all setting option.

Step 3 : Now you scroll down using arrow key and select network and then press OK.

Step 4 : By using arrow key you need to scroll down to network reset and then press OK.

Step 5 : Thereafter you need to press 1 for yes then press 1 again to confirm reboot.

Step 6 : Now your printer will reboot.

Step 7 : Once reboot process will complete, it will ask you setup your Wi-Fi.

Step 8 : You need to press OK option three time to launch setup wizard( There might be possible to take little bit of time to search for wireless network).

Step 9 : Now you need to select your appropriate Wireless network from the list ( If you are prompt use WPS, or you can select NO option).

Step 10 : Now you need to enter password for your wireless network.

Step 11 : Thereafter you need to press ok and press 1 for apply these settings.

Step 12 : Then a connection report will then print automatically to confirm you that you are connected with wireless network.

Step 13 : This is the step by step guide to reset the WiFi connection on your brother printer

How to Locate Wireless Security Information in Window:

Generally, network name and password is written on the back of your modem. But still you are unable to find this information, you can contact to product manufacturer to get this information by telling your model number of your printer.

Brother has developed a utility that is a wireless setup helper to assist you to identify your security settings like network name and password. To use this utility, first you need to download this utility using internet and run this utility on your personal computer which is connected with your wireless network.

Procedure to Find Wireless Security Information on Window XP: 

As we know that window XP will not display network key. You will need to contact your product manufacturer to get this information for your wireless access point.

  • First you need to open your network connection( you need to click on start and choose run then you will find search box where you need to type ncpa.cpl and then press OK).
  • Then you need to right click on wireless network connection and choose properties.
  • Thereafter you need to choose wireless network tab.
  • If you window is not managing wireless adapter, you need to place a check in use window to configure my wireless network setting.
  • Thereafter you need to highlight your current preferred network and then click on properties.
  • Now you need to make note of your network authentication and data encryption information.

Here We are Discussing Some FAQ’s Which are Necessary to Resolve Your Issues: 

Q: Some Time My Brother Printer is Showing Offline. 

A: If you are unable to take the printout by using your installed Brother printer because it is appearing offline. To resolve this kind of issue, you need to make some adjustments in your printer setting so that you are able to take printout using your brother printer.

Q: Unable to Connect My Brother Printer with Wireless Network:

A: First you need to check how far your brother printer is placed with your router. Some time it your brother printer is placed too far, then in this situation, brother printer is not able to connect with wireless network. 

So to resolve this issue, you need to reduce the distance between your brother printer and wireless router. You also need to ensure that your wireless router is broadcasting signals properly or not.

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