How to Setup Brother hl-l2360dw Wireless Printer?

Hello, Please let me know how to setup Brother hl-l2360dw wireless printer. I bought this new printer but now facing some issues with this. Help me.

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Setup Brother hl-l2360dw Wireless Printer:

Brother hl-l2360dw Wireless Printer is an incredible laser printer. It is highly reliable as well as affordable. This device is one of the best printer devices currently available in the market.

It is perfect for satisfying the needs of a small business. It is an amazing home printer as well. This laser printer is capable of printing up to 250 pages. One can easily connect this printer device to a wireless network.

You can also connect it using an ethernet cable. It will enable you to produce black and white printouts at a speed of 32 pages per minute. You can print documents using this Brother printer after you connect it to Wi-Fi enabled PC. Let us now discuss Brother hl-l2360dw wireless printer setup process.

Steps to Setup Brother hl-l2360dw Wireless Printer -

Mentioned below are the steps that you need to perform to set up the Brother hl-l2360dw wireless printer.

Step 1: Keep your Brother printer close to the router device. This way, you will not face any network problems while setting up the wireless connection.

Step 2: Go up and down using the arrows and then choose the right name of the network. Now, select the option of WLAN and then press OK.

Step 3: After that, press AOSS/WPS and then press OK once again. Scroll using the arrows and then pick the option of "WLAN Trigger" when it shows up on the screen.

Step 4: Now, you need to choose the next step in the wireless setup wizard. After that, select the button of Back or Cancel if you don't want to print or cancel the print.

Step 5: After that, the Control Panel of the printer will open up before you on the screen. Now, use the press keys. After that, click on the AOSS or WPS button.

Step 6: Now, your printer device is successfully connected to the wireless network.

Step 7: Select the button of Ok when the "Link" appears on your phone.

How to Install Brother hl-l2360dw Printer Drivers?

In case you are not able to connect your computer, then that may be happening because of the printer driver problem. Your printer driver needs to be enabled to connect Brother hl-l2360dw wireless printer to wifi.

Below are the steps that you need to carry out to install the printer drivers.

Step 1: First of all, you need to scan the CD-ROM that came along with your Brother printer device.

Step 2: After that, you need to put the CD-ROM on the CD drive for loading the engine.

Step 3: In case you don't have the CD, then launch your internet browser. After that, search for the official website of the Brother printer in the location bar of the browser.

Step 4: Then, go to the Driver tab on the web page of your Brother printer device and start searching for the search field. Write driver in that area.

The download process is going to take a few steps to complete. For installing the driver, tap on the file that just downloaded.

So, this is how you are supposed to do Brother hl-l2360dw Wireless Printer Setup.

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