How to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Compatibility Issue?

Previously I was using Windows XP operating system with my Brother MFC-490CW 3 in-one printer. But yesterday I upgraded my operating system to Windows 7. Earlier I used paper-port program to scan docs and for emailing attachment but after updating my system to Windows 7, I am unable to do this. Is there exists compatibility issue? Please help me as I am not an experienced computer geek. My Devices - Brother MFC-490CW 3 in-one printer, Windows 7

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Answer - 1

Install Brother Printer Driver to Resolve Compatibility Issue -

  1. First, click on Start and then go to Devices and Printers option. Now you are redirected to the printers page.
  2. Go to the top and then locate the “Add a printer ” menu. Then tap on “Add a printer”.
  3. Now you are redirected to a printer setup wizard that will ask you to “how do you want to install your printer”. You can choose USB cable or Network option, it totally depends on you.
  4. Under the local printer, you can install your Brother printer with LPT port and USB cable. Then choose USB port and then click on USB001(Virtual port for USB printer). Hit the next button.
  5. Now you are redirected to the next window where you have to choose appropriate drivers for your Brother printer. Once the Brother printer drivers are successfully installed, you will get a confirmation message.

I hope now you will be able to resolve the Brother printer compatibility issue. If you experience any problem while installing Brother printer driver then please feel free to drop a message.

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Answer - 2

Brother MFC-490cw Troubleshooting-


Upgrade Windows-

Confirm that your Windows has the latest service pack. Go to Start button, choose My Computer option and then press right click on it & choose Properties. Now you will see a screen that will tell you the version of Windows that you are using currently.

If you are not using the latest version of Windows then install immediately on your operating system and then connect your Brother printer.

Download Latest Drivers-

If still, your Brother printer is not connecting to Windows OS then visit the printer’s manufacturer website and then download the latest driver for your Windows OS. Confirm that you are downloading a 32-bit version or 64-bit version driver, that depends on your operating system.

If you don’t know which driver to download then click Start > My Computer and then press right click on it to choose Properties. On the resulting screen, you will get all the required information.

Note: If you need the perfect solution that how to install Brother Printer without CD-ROM then Click Here.

Connect Local Printer-

Confirm that your Brother printer is properly connected to the computer and also no error message displays on your printer’s LCD panel or computer’s screen.

If you have any problem while installing the Brother printer then run that installation program that has come with your Brother printer’s driver. This is because a manufacturer’s installation wizard can fix this issue on local printers.

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Answer - 3

Brother MFC 490cw Troubleshooting:

How to download Brother MFC 490cw Printer driver from official website?

Step 1 – Go to the site

Step 2 – Select the Geographical location

Step 3 - Click on the tab under North / South / Central America U.S.A.

• Printers / Fax Machines / DCPs / Multi-functions

Step 4 - Click on the US/Canada/ Latin America

Step 5 – select the county and click on America and Click on downloads under the search by category

Step 6 – you can enter the product model name or click on the product

Step 7 – you need to select the model number and download the required drivers.

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