How to Wind a Bobbin in Brother Printer?

Let me know that how to wind a bobbin in Brother printer. I have no idea about that if you know then give us any solution.

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Answer - 1

Wind a Bobbin in Brother Printer:

There is a broken line on the sewing machine that indicates the direction in which the machine must be threaded to wind the bobbin. You should only use the bobbin, which is particularly designed for the sewing machine.

If you use a bobbin that is not meant for your machine, then it can cause damage to your machine. The bobbin that comes along with the machine is meant for the machine. If some other bobbin model is used, then you can experience operational issues while using the machine.

Step 1: Power on your machine and then take off your top cover.

Step 2: Keep the bobbin on the winder shaft so that the shaft's spring fits into the bobbin's notch. Press the bobbin until it snaps.

Step 3: Take off the spool cap, which is inserted on the pin of the spool. Keep the spool thread on the spool pin. Slide the spool and then make sure it is horizontal and you see the thread unwinding at the front.

If the spool isn't positioned rightly, then the thread may not unwind properly. This can further lead to the problem of thread getting tangled around the spool pin.  Slide the spool cap on the spool pin. Slide it to the right and slide it as far as possible.

Step 4: When you are holding the thread, pull it using your left hand and then pass it behind the guide cover.

Step 5: Pass the thread below the guide plate placed at the right.

Step 6: Pass the thread from the hook on the thread guide and then tie it anticlockwise below the pretension disk. You must make sure that the thread passes through the pretension disk.

Step 7: When you are holding the thread using your left hand, wind the thread that was pulled clockwise 5 or 6 times around the bobbin using your right hand. Please ensure that the thread you are pulling between bobbin and spool is pulled tightly.

Please ensure that you wind the thread clockwise around the bobbin or else you will notice that the thread is getting wrapped around the winder shaft of the bobbin.

Step 8: In the last step, you are required to pass the thread through the guide slot and then pull the thread towards the right.

Step 9: Hold the sewing speed controller and slide it towards the right for increasing the winding speed and move it towards the left for decreasing the winding speed.

In case you find that the winding speed is very slow, then press the Start or Stop button for stopping the machine. It is important to stop the machine so it doesn't get damaged.

Step 10: Take a pair of scissors and use them to cut the tread wound. Slide the winder shaft towards the left and then take the bobbin out from the shaft.

So, these are all the steps that one needs to carry out in order to wind a bobbin in Brother printer. We hope you find all these steps useful.

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