Memory Integrity error-MFC7840DW in Win11 21H2

Just rec'd this error and I have been able to narrow down the problem to "BrUsb1b.sys". I have eliminated the other issues that happened to be device drivers for input devices I no longer own going back to Win7. I used the pnputil to find the drivers on my PC. I found the Brother printer listed as"prnbrc11.inf dated 4/22/2009, ver. 10.0.17119.1. So I print a test page and I get driver type as Tupe 3-User Mode and driver version All I want to do is fix the Memory Integrity error if that's possible. I have disabled the Fax/Scanner that no longer works, but do want to enable Memory Integrity again if it's possible. I could not tell from the Brother site what version the Win10 64 bit driver is. Can someone give me a hand with this or is it lost cause? Thanks

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How Do I Download Brother MFC-L2700DW Printer Driver



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