Why Brother MFC Printer Not Recognizing Airprint Printer?

Hello, why Brother mfc printer is not recognizing airprint printer when i am trying to print. Please give me any idea about how to fix Brother mfc printer not recognizing airprint printer problem

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  • February 12, 2024
Answer - 1

Solution for Brother MFC printer is not Recognizing Airprint printer:

1. Verify the settings of your Apple mobile device.

  • Is Airplane Mode configuration OFF? When airplane mode is on, an airplane icon shows in the status bar at the top of the screen and Wi-Fi signals are emanated from your Apple mobile device. Therefore switch the airplane mode OFF.
  • Is Wi-Fi connection configuration ON? The AirPrint cannot be utilized on a cellular data network connection. Your Apple mobile device must be linked to your wireless network. Therefore switch ON the Wifi.

2. Make an Assurance that Your Brother printer is Connected to the Network.

  • Switch off your Brother machine. After a few seconds turn it on again.
  • After an interval of three minutes the machine will join the network.
  • Is the Brother machine set up for a network?
  • If your machine is directly linked to a PC with a USB cable, you need to connect your machine to a wired or wireless network.
  • Is your Brother machine linked to the same network the Apple mobile device is connected to?
  • If your Brother machine is coupled to a Wi-Fi network (SSID), assure that the Apple mobile device and your Brother machine are linked to the same Wi-Fi network (SSID).
  • Refer to the following steps to assure that the connection is made to the same Wi-Fi network (SSID).

Confirm the Brother printer Network.

  • Take a print out of the Network Configuration Report (List).
  • The Network Configuration Report list comprises of the configurations of the current network including the network print server settings.

Place the network name "<NAME(SSID)>" (SSID: Service Set ID) on the Network Configuration Report (List). Your Brother machine is linked to this SSID name.

Confirm the Apple Mobile Device Network

  • Click on the settings icon and assure that the Wi-Fi configuration is ON.
  • Click on WiFi and assure whether the SSID is the same name your Brother machine is connected to or not. If not, select the SSID the Brother machine is connected to.

3. Make Sure that the Settings and Connection of the Wireless Access Point/Router is Proper.

  • Are there many wireless access points lying between your Apple mobile device and Brother machine?
  • If your Apple mobile device and Brother machine are linked to different wireless access points/routers, the Apple mobile device may not be able to find the Brother machine depending on the configuration of the wireless access point/router.

  • If the wireless access point/router is linked to the router, refer to the following examples for modifying the connection.
  • Relink (wired or wireless) your Brother machine to the same access point/router the Apple mobile device is connected to.
  • Switch OFF the access point’s router function (e.g. DHCP), in which you are linked to.
  • For information regarding turning off the router function, take a look to the access point’s User's Guide.
  • Are the security functions of the wireless access point/router hampering the connection?
  • If the function to avert the communication between devices that are connected, such as MAC address filtering and Privacy Separator, is set to run, the Apple mobile device will not be able to find the Brother machine. If these functions are working, temporarily turn OFF the settings.

  • If you don't know the settings of the security function, contact the manufacturer of your wireless access point/router or enquire your network administrator.
  • Will the router support Bonjour communication?
  • The router may be configured to block Bonjour communication. Use the support documentation for your router and verify the router settings.
  • If you are unaware whether the router supports Bonjour or the method for changing the settings, ask the router manufacturer.
  • Bonjour is the process for discovering printers on a network.

Step 1 to 3 have been Confirmed But have not Solved the Issue.

  • If you possess a PC, link it to the network and check whether the Brother machine is able to print.
  • For knowledge about how to link your PC to network, refer to the Quick Setup Guide. The latest Quick Setup Guide is present in the Manuals section of this website.
  • If your PC is linked to the same network as your Brother machine and Apple Device, verify the connection by printing from your PC to your Brother machine. If you cannot print from your PC, refer to “I cannot print from my computer via the network" to solve the issue.
  •   Keith
  •   March 5, 2021