Wireless Printer is Connected but Won't Print

I have a wireless Brother inkjet printer which is not working properly. Recently I got its firmware updated and since then it won't take any print commands. The orint command goes directly to the waiting list but would not print even though it is connected to the network. Is the firmware update an issue here? Can anyone tell me how to resolve this?

  • James
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  • February 13, 2024
Answer - 1

Printer is Connected but won’t print -


Firstly verify that the USB cable or ethernet cable you are using is properly to your printer and computer. If you have connected your printer wirelessly then confirm that WiFi is enabled and you are connected to the right network.


Check the toner and ink cartridge and confirm that they have sufficient ink. To check this, just print out a report by using your printer’s menu buttons. If there is not sufficient ink in the ink cartridges then immediately replace it with the new ones.

Paused queue 

There is a printer’s onscreen management software that is used to cancel queued output jobs. Other than this, by using this software you can place the entire print function on hold.

Driver software 

Print driver software main work is to manage communication relationship between your computer and Brother printer. If you have installed the wrong driver or using outdated driver then it can mess up with print commands. Hence it is suggested to check for updates regularly.

For this, navigate to Brother website -  and go to the Downloads section. Enter your printer’s model and then check for updates. 

Note: If you don't know that how to install Brother wireless printer without CD then  Printer experts help you to that how to download Brother Printer drivers from the official website.

Paper Jams 

Due to paper misalignment, the paper jam can occur in Brother printer. So, before inserting the paper into the paper tray, be sure to square off the stack of paper. Also, avoid overfilling of the tray as this can cause paper jams.

Hopefully, these steps will help you resolve these issues in case you have further any query related to Brother Printer the post it on the website.

  •   John
  •   November 29, 2020