How Can I Setup the Wireless Printer When it Won't Connect Properly?

Hey, recently I bought a Samsung laser printer for my house. It is a wireless printer with laser ink technology. The printer would not connect to either the network or even directly to computer using the USB cable. I want to configure it quickly to start my work but this would not connect in the first place. Can anyone tell me how to get through this problem.

  1. When you buy a Brother printer, it generally comes with the CD ROM, Power Adaptor, USB Cable and Network Cable.
  2. CD ROM package consists of Brother Printer Setup file and Drivers file.
  3. Or You can download the Brother setup and driver file from the official website ( by entering the Model number or by choosing the Product from the listing.
  4. Run the setup file and software will start installing the brother printer software along with the specified drivers.
  5. Configure the software as per the requirement like USB connection or Network Printer.
  6. Go to the Device and Printer section of Windows operating system.
  7. Click on Add printer to the computer and select the specific model number of Brother printer.
  8. After adding the printer, click on the test page.
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The process of setting up Samsung laser printer is extremely easy. Samsung printers come with an embedded wireless card because of which you can use these printers without any wired connections. To initially set up Samsung Laser printer on the wireless network, you have to use a USB cable & installation CD. Make sure you know the accurate name of your wireless network and its password.

Lets’ set up Samsung Laser Printer -

  1. First of all, turn on your Samsung printer as well as your system that is connected to the router. After this, you have to insert Samsung printer’s installation disc in your system’s optical drive.
  2. After inserting printer installation disc properly, just choose your language and hit Next button. Then tap on Wireless Setup and then hit Next button.
  3. After this, click on the name of your wireless network and then hit Next. Then you have to enter your network security code. Hit Next button.
  4. Now you will see network settings on the webpage that is displaying at this moment, if you want to make some necessary changes then go for it and everything is finished, just hit Enter key.
  5. Once your wireless connection gets established, just remove the USB cable between your system and Samsung printer.
  6. Now you can make selections for sharing the printer over the network. If you want to set up your Samsung printer as the default printer then you have to change the name of your printer followed by Next button.
  7. If you want to print a test page then click on the corresponding boxes. Once you made required selections, just tap on Finish button and exit from installation window.

Note: If you are using Mac then follow this link that How to connect Samsung printer to wifi on mac.

Now you can begin using your Samsung printer without any nuisance. Printer Technical Support always provide instant solution of printer related problems.

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How Can I Setup the Wireless Printer When it Won't Connect Properly?

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