How do I Connect My ACER Netbook to My Samsung Printer?

Actually, I forget the password for connecting Samsung printer to Acer netbook and due to this, I am unable to print documents that are available in Acer netbook. If anybody knows another way of connecting Acer netbook to Samsung printer then please suggest me. I have to print some official documents so please help me as soon as possible! I will definitely appreciate suggestions and responses. I am ready to connect my Samsung printer to Acer netbook through wirelessly or via ethernet cable.

Connect ACER Laptop to Printer

Follow these steps to connect Acer laptop to printer -

  1. Go to the home menu and then tap on Settings. After this, click on the Printer icon.
  2. Now, you are redirected to Printer Configuration window where you need to tap into New Printer.
  3. After this, choose your appropriate connection type from the options Windows via SAMBA or Internet Printing Protocol.
  4. In the next step, you have to enter print host i.e., SMB share or hostname address. After this, you have to choose your desired printer. Then click on Forward to proceeding to next step.
  5. Choose your printer’s manufacturer and also the model number.
  6. Lastly, save the changes by clicking on Apply button.

Note: I have described these steps according to my Acer Aspire One in Linpus Linux laptop so some things may vary in your Acer Netbook.

How do I Connect My ACER Netbook to My Samsung Printer?

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