How do I Connect My Brother HL 1210w Printer to WiFi?

Hello, Please let me know that how do I connect my Brother HL 1210w printer to WiFi. I bought this Brother printer but now i am trying to connect it with my Wifi then it's not connecting. I don't know what to do. Help me.

Connect Brother HL 1210w Printer to WiFi:

To connect Brother HL 1210w printer to WiFi, you first turn on your computer and printer. At the time of installing the printer driver, select wireless network connection and put-in the password of your network for connecting to the network.

Press the Wi-Fi button on your printing machine and wait for the light to start blinking. The Wi-Fi button of your printer will light up immediately after the connection is established with your wireless network.

Steps to Follow to Connect Brother HL-1210w Printer to WiFi:

Step 1 : Connect your printer to the power source and then turn it on.

Step 2 : Position your Brother printer in close proximity to your router or access point.

Step 3 : Select the wireless network while you install the driver.

Step 4 : Disable firewall settings and choose peer to peer network.

Step 5 : After that, select the option of No, I don’t have a USB cord.

Step 6 : Select the name of your wireless network and enter its password for connecting to the network.

Step 7 : Press and hold the button of Wi-Fi and wait for the Wi-Fi light to gleam.

Step 8 : Return to your PC and select connection. Click on ok to continue with the installation of your driver.

Process for Brother hl-1210w WiFi Setup Connection:

Step 1 : Prior to moving forward with the process to connect Brother HL 1210w printer to wifi, you first need to know the SSID name and its encryption.

Step 2 : Place your printer near to the access point in order to avoid any kind of impediment.

Step 3 : Connect the power wire of your printer to the wall outlet and make sure that your printer is turned on. Now, turn on your computer and log into the administration settings.

Step 4 : After that, install your printer driver and select yes when the page of license agreement opens up.

Step 5 : Select wireless network connection and don’t tap on the check-box of custom install. Select the option that comes after custom install. Choose the peer to peer and then click on Next.

Step 6 : Select change firewall port settings for enabling network connection and to continue with the installation process.

Step 7 : Choose, i don’t have a USB option and select wireless device setup screen. Select check and then confirmed check when the installation confirmation page opens up. After that, click on Next.

Step 8 : After that, wireless detection network settings screen will open up on your PC. Then, SSID name will be displayed on the screen. On that page, select Yes and link your device to the Wi-Fi network.

Step 9 : When the enable Wi-Fi screen shows up, press and hold the button of Wi-Fi on your printer and wait for the light to start flashing. Once the network connection is established, the internet light will become stable. Now finally your Brother printing machine is connected to the internet.

Step 10 : Click on Ok and then select the option of Next for installing the driver. Follow the instructions on the screen for completing the driver installation.

So, these are some of the steps that one needs to follow to connect Brother HL 1210w printer to WiFi.


Brother hl-1210w WiFi Setup:

Decide to set up your Brother hl-1210w wifi setup. It is necessary to configure the WiFi router to support WPS. However, a wire is required to configure the printer's settings. After configuring the WiFi, go to the Wireless or WLAN network connections section.

WPS is a method for linking a client and a network computer to a wireless communication device. So WPS is a method only usable with WPA2 + AES encryption keys.

WiFi Setup For the Brother HL-1210W Printer

Activate the devices as soon as the router has been configured. This is accomplished via WPS or a comparable symbol. Tap it while the modem lights are on. At this point, the modem's or router's data LEDs' warning light will continuously blink.

The router watches for a connection while listening. Once this has been set up, you can quickly connect your brother printer to a wireless network by going to the printer, turning it on, and waiting a few minutes for heads or rollers to be verified.

How to Wirelessly Connect a Brother HL-1210W Printer Without a CD

Click the WiFi button for 5 seconds after downloading the most recent Brother printer drivers. Brother HL-1210W won't establish a WiFi connection. Until the WiFi indicator stops flashing and the Power button's light starts to flash.

To reset and reset any brother hl-1210w wifi setup, press the Black and White Photocopy button. While setting up for the first time, you use the Color Photocopy button.

The WiFi button is then hit after the Black and White Photocopy Button to ensure that the setting is effective:

  • The power button is illuminated and not blinking.
  • The WiFi button is turned on and not blinking.
  • The router's WPS LED light is on and not blinking.


How do I Set up a WiFi Brother HL-1210W Printer on the Mac?

Ans: Join the wireless router, then ensure that the brother hl-1210w WiFi light is flashing. Attach the MacBook to a similar WiFi network and access the desktop system and settings instead.

Select the add button to look for accessible printers, and afterward, click to configure your particular printer model on even a Mac.

How can You Connect a Brother HL- 1210W Wireless Printer?

WPS offers a major security vulnerability that can compromise security and should not be used outside of home settings. You must avoid this approach if network confidentiality and reliability are critical and fundamental issues.



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How do I Connect My Brother HL 1210w Printer to WiFi?

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