What does the 32.01 Error Mean in My Lexmark Printer?

Please let me know that what does the 32.01 error mean in my Lexmark printer. I am facing some issues while printing. Help me.

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  • lay  2 years ago
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Lexmark Printer Error 32.01:

Did you recently install a new ink cartridge on your Lexmark printer that gave you an error message "replace unsupported cartridge" 32.01 error. If yes, then you will get to know some more details about this error below. 

What does Error 32.01 Mean in Lexmark Printer? 

Error 32.01 indicates an unsupported cartridge error on your Lexmark printer. It means that the cartridge you recently installed is not compatible with your printer. In simple terms, you have placed the wrong cartridge in your printer. 

What If You've Confirmed that Your Printer is Compatible?

In case you are still getting 32.01 error with your ink cartridge, which is compatible with your printer model listed outside the machine, then that means your printer is refurbished and its firmware or engine does not match the cartridge. This may happen at the time of refurbishing if the wrong exterior panels are placed on your machine. 

To check the actual model of your printer, open the front cover of your printer and look inside the model number of your printer. 

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