How to Fix HP Printer Fuser Error 50.3?

Hello, Please let me know that how to fix HP printer fuser error 50.3. I am facing some issue while printing. Help me in resolving this issue.

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At times, a fuser rises at high temperatures and heats up on most of the HP printers. Error 50.3 is considered to be the highest temperature condition recorded in the fusing assembly.

Below is Your Step by Step Guide to Fix the HP Printer Fuser Error 50.3 Issue.

Step 1 : Start with turning the machine off. Then turn off the printer as well and allow it to cool down, in case the temperature is too high. After a good 4-5 minutes of wait, turn your printer on and check if the issue still persists or its resolved.

Step 2 : In the second step, make sure that your printer gets adequate ventilation as it has its way of cooling down its interior parts. Some printers use tiny exhaust fans or adequately planned ventilation techniques to permit it to chill down.

So, make certain that the printer has nothing encompassing it. Take away any books, clothes, folders or papers that are lying around the printer and make certain that the printer isn't close to a wall or any kind of furniture. Keep it faraway from different objects so it will “breathe” to chill itself.

Step 3 : Check your power cable and ensure that the power cable of your printer is connected directly to a wall power outlet because your printer will require a lot of power and voltage to operate.

However, the printer has more chances of faltering, if it is connected to a power cable with other devices. Thus, remember to prevent using any other electronic appliances in the same circuit as it could be cautious.

Step 4 : There are different types of fusers available depending upon the different level of heat they offer to the printer, so make sure to check the fuser before you start. Therefore, in case the fuser is not connected properly to the printer, then it might cause an HP 50.3 fuser error.

Remember to check whether the fuser area is firmly connected to the thermistor connected and also whether the fuser is of correct voltage for your machine, in case the fuser is firmly connected.

Step 5 : Check the fuser settings. differing types of media need completely different settings of the fuser. So, you would like to alter the fuser settings for the type of media that you simply ought to print otherwise the printer fuser error 50.3 can get heated up.

Open the information menu on your printer and print off the menu map. With the menu map, you have got the power to appear through the menu structure of the machine. After you go to the menu, you discover fuser settings that are appropriate for the sort of media.

Step 6 : Lastly, even after performing the above steps the HP printer fuser error 50.3 issue still exists, then it is the right time to change the fuser. The fuser of the printer is not working and needs to be replaced with a proper voltage fuser. Get in contact with your dealer or look for online in order to fix the HP printer fuser error 50.3 issue.

The HP Printer 50.3 fuser error may be a quite technical error that brings heaps of disturbance. This error will stop the work method in the middle of a printing job. During this part of the journal, we discussed the problems behind the HP 50.3 fuser error. This technical error occurred because of overheating going down within the fuser. The user gets high- temperature once the printing work is in the method.

Technical errors are a typical matter for a printer. It will hassle up the work method of a printer. To drive off from the technical error we have discussed the solutions to troubleshoot the error from the printer. We hope the above article helped you to fix the HP printer fuser error 50.3 issue.

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