How to Install Brother Printer to Laptop?

Install Brother Printer to Laptop, I have a Brother jet-ink printer at home for over an year now. It used to work perfectly fine and was connected to my Windows computer for all this long. recently my computer malfunctioned and I had to get rid of it, so I tried connecting it to my laptop. My laptop is Windows 10 configured and I do not know how to connect it to my Brother Printer as the service provider technician did everything with the last installation process. Does anyone here knows how to set my Brother printer as default on my Laptop?

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Answer - 1

Connect Brother Printer to Laptop:

To Install Brother Printer on Laptop (Windows 10), Follow These Stepwise Instructions -

Step 1: First of all, connect Brother Printer to your laptop by using a USB cable and make sure your laptop is connected to the internet. Turn on both devices.

Step 2: Click on Start and then tap on “All Apps”.


Step 3: Then tap on Windows System> Control Panel.


Step 4: Next, click on “View Devices & Printers” and tap on “Add a printer”.

Step 5: Choose the Brother printer from the displaying list and click on the Next button. If your Brother printer name is not appearing on the list then you should understand your Brother printer is not connected to the internet.

Also, verify that your Brother printer and your laptop are connected to the same network.

Note: Maybe the various number of reason When Brother Printer offline on Windows 10

Step 6: To manually add your Brother printer, tap on “The printer that I want is not listed here”. Choose “Add a printer using TCP/IP address ” and then hit Next button.

In the IP address field, type the IP address of your Brother printer. Then press a click on the checkbox that is next to “Query the printer and automatically choose the driver to use”. Hit the Next button.

Step 7: Now you are redirected to install the printer driver screen. Move to the manufacturer list and choose your Brother printer.

Step 8: Move to the Printers list and choose your printer’s model number. If there exists any previous driver then tap on “Replace the current driver” and then hit the Next button. Leave the printer name as listed and then hit Next.

Step 9: Select an option for sharing and again hit the Next button.

Step 10: Once the Brother printer driver has been installed, you will receive a confirmation message.

Step 11: At last, click on Finish/Close button.

I hope these steps will prove helpful for you to install the Brother printer on the laptop. If you face any error then please feel free to revert back, I will feel glad to help you.

Note: If your brother printer is "connected" but not printing then Click Here

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Answer - 2

Follow These Steps to Install Brother Printer to the Laptop

  1. Press the printer button and the power button of the pop-up window.
  2. If the pop-up window is not showing up, open your Internet browser and visit the Brother Pinter’s website.
  3. Now go to the Browse page of Brother Printer’s website and click on Software Download.
  4. Select your printer series and model from the given list and click on “View”
  5. Click on the “Driver Information” link from the list and download the latest driver file on your laptop Now open the download file in your laptop and start the steps.
  6. Now print any of your successful installation processes.
  7. I hope these steps will prove helpful for you to install Brother printer on the laptop. If you face any error then please feel free to revert back, I will feel glad to help you.
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