How to Resolve Lexmark Printer Communication Issue?

I have a Lexmark Printer for last 6month but recently I'm facing Communication Issue in my Printer and I trying many ways to solve this issue but unable to find it. Many times I restart printer but facing same problem So can anyone give me any suggestion how I resolve Communication Issue.

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  • lay  3 years ago
Answer - 1

Resolve Lexmark Printer Communication Issue:

check these points -

Check Your Cable Connections -

Check all the cables that are connected with your printer and the power outlet. Power off your printer and then unplug it from the power supply. After that, wait for some time and then reseat USB cable and power cable. Then turn on your printer.

Reattach Power Cord Supply –

  • If the above workaround does not prove helpful in your case then again remove power supply cord and again attach it to the printer.
  • If you are using parallel port then check if your computer is set up for bi-directional communications.

Otherwise, check this -Press right click on My Computer> Properties> Hardware. Then tap on Device Manager> Ports. Look for ECP Printer port and enable it.

If you are facing the same error after applying the above workaround then it might be possible that exists some hardware problem. Well, if you need technical assistance to fix Lexmark Printer Communication Issue then come to Lexmark Printer  Forum and resolve all hassles. To enjoy hassle-free printing, just get in touch with experts as soon as possible and troubleshoot all sna

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