How to Resolve the Samsung ML-2010 Printer Print Fading?

Hello, Please let me know that how to resolve the Samsung ML-2010 printer print fading. I bought this new printer but now facing some issue. Help me.

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  • February 13, 2024
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Resolve the Samsung ML-2010 Printer Print Fading

Generally, there are multiple possible reasons why laser printers deliver light or faded prints during a variety of applications. This means it is not just the Samsung ML-2010 that delivers the unwanted print quality. For all such potential instances, the cause is not derivative of the serious flaw in the printer design. It could be a consequence of poor printer maintenance or sometimes the printer components seem to function below its rated capacity.

Moreover, the cause can range from a low toner supply that could be fixed by simple replacement. Even, you can use dirty electrical contact points that limit the supply of electrical potential of the critical components and should be resolved via thorough cleaning process. So, this guide is about how to resolve the Samsung ML-2010 printer print fading issues.

As the laser printer goes into operation for large periods of time, loose toner particles get accumulated in few sensitive parts of the printer. Due to this specific problem, the printer’s laser scanning system along with its rotating disk and series of reflecting lenses is also affected. Note that the loose toner particles are light in weight and so are easily airborne, deliberately covering the sensitive parts of the scanner.

With the passage of time, the accumulated toner limits the efficiency of the laser-scanning beam which results into light prints. Thus, the only way to resolve the Samsung ML-2010 printer print fading is to clean the scanner periodically.

While the contact points of the developer roller (magnetic roller) are dirty, insufficient electrical potential (negative charge) is generated which then affects the magnetic power to attract toner particles. This insufficiency of the electrical charge further limits the release and adhesion of toner particles on the OPC Drum surface. Consequently, you get light or faded prints. So, to resolve the Samsung ML-2010 printer print fading, you must regularly clean the developer roller metal contact points.

However, when the printer is new, light or faded prints can only be the result of relatively low toner supply. After confronting this specific printer problem, you can remove the toner cartridge from the printer. Thereafter, shake the cartridge vigorously to free clumped toner inside, the Samsung ML-2010 toner cartridge.

The basic idea behind this is to evenly distribute the toner. Since toner is not liquid, that reaches its own level and so it cannot recede evenly. By shaking the cartridge, you get good quality printed pages, after which the toner cartridge has to be either replaced or refilled.

You can replace an empty Samsung ML-2010 toner cartridge using an OEM toner product costing around $700 and can print up to 3,000 pages based on the standard 5% page coverage. Optionally, you may buy a replacement Samsung compatible toner cartridge at a low price of $25.

Obviously, the toner product is designed similar to OEM to yield high print quality. Next time, make sure to replace the cartridge or clean the affected printer components to resolve the Samsung ML-2010 printer print fading issues. 

Hope this guide to resolve the Samsung ML-2010 printer print fading issues is helpful to the users.

  •   John
  •   September 21, 2021