How to Scan Documents Using Lexmark X75 Printer?

I have a Lexmark x75 printer which I have brought recently. It is an all-in-one printer with the option of scanning, printing and sending and receiving fax. I have used the printing option multiple times but was not able to scan documents. I read the documents and instructions but nothing helped. Does anyone over here know what is wrong with my printer? Do I have to change it?

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  • lay  Oct 10, 2020
Answer - 1

Scan Documents Using Lexmark X75 Printer:

  1. On your system, go to Start > Programs> Lexmark printer.
  2. Put your scanning document on the scanner glass and press the preview button. By doing this, you will get an idea how your scanned document will look after printing.
  3. Choose Microsoft word from Scan...Send scanned images to. Then tap on “See extra scan settings”. Then proceed to next step.
  4. Tap on option “Display advanced scan settings”.
  5. Next, look for the option “Scan multiple items before output” under the Scan tab. If you find that option, just click on it and go ahead.
  6. Then tap on “Scan Now” button. Once you scan one document, you will be asked if you want to scan another document, so you have to choose just Yes or No option.
  7. You can continue scanning process after clicking on Yes button. Once you finished scanning, just click on No button.

Additional Troubleshooting Tips for Lexmark X75 Printer-

  • Reconnect all USB cable connections.
  • Avoid port replicators and USB hubs.
  • Reinstall printer using “Add printer”, if any problem persists.
  • Disable third-party firewall, if you are using.
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