Lexmark Printer Offline on Windows 10?

Lexmark printer offline on windows 10, I have a Lexmark printer at home for over two years now. Recently I have updated my computer Operating system to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and my printer would not connect to the same computer after update? Why does this happen, I have not changed any kind of settings but still the problem persists. I need to fix it immediately, please if anyone have any idea what is wrong, kindly revert back.

Fix Lexmark Printer Offline Windows 10

If your Lexmark Printer is getting offline then firstly check all physical connection and make sure none of the connection is loose. If you have checked all connection and there exists no problem then you need to follow these troubleshooting steps:

Let’s Fix Lexmark Printer Offline Windows 10 Issue:

Check Lexmark Printer‘s Power –

Confirm that your printer is powered on and connected to a constant source of power supply. Make sure no warning light is illuminating.

Check the Connectivity –

If the Lexmark printer’s amber light is blinking then you should understand that there are some hardware issues. Hardware issues can be of different types such as paper jam, cartridge jam, cartridges dried out, improper fix of cartridges etc. So, you need to fix all physical error first and then head towards printings.

Make Your Lexmark Printer Online –

If the connectivity is fine then check the status of Lexmark printer because your printer can be in offline mode. Your Lexmark printer will resume printing when it comes to the online state.

Check the Lexmark Printer Driver –

Before downloading the Lexmark printer driver, confirm that you are downloading a correct printer driver from the trusted source. At various times, a printer driver gets corrupted due to system issues such as file modification, system restore.

If you are also experiencing the same situation then you have to completely uninstall and reinstall Lexmark printer driver.

Delete Old Pending Jobs –

Sometimes, a printer becomes offline due to old pending jobs. So, you have to clear old print jobs manually before printing any new documents. For clearing previous printing jobs, navigate to “Devices & Printers” in Control Panel and press double click on the printer where old print jobs need to be erased. Just press a right-click and erase all of them.

Restart Print Spooler Service –

At various times, print spooler service automatically stopped so you have to restart it manually so your system can manage printer and print jobs.

I hope these methods will prove helpful to make your Lexmark printer online on Windows 10.



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Lexmark Printer Offline on Windows 10?

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