Reset Ink Cartridge of Lexmark Printer?

I have a Lexmark Printer for last 2month and It work good but I want to change the Ink Cartridge and I have no idea how to Reset Ink Cartridge of Lexmark Printer and I try many times but unable to solve So can any one give me any suggestion how I resolve

Reset Ink Cartridge of Lexmark Printer Then Follow These Steps -

Step 1 : Lexmark Printer Solution Center Option

1. First of all, open the Lexmark Printer Solution Center program on your computer that is connected with Lexmark printer.

2. In the Printer Solution Center, choose the Maintenance tab.

3. Choose ‘’Install new printer cartridge” option.

4. Hit the next button until “Print the Alignment page” window appears on the screen.

5. Choose the Print button. If your printer does not read refilled cartridges then you have to repeat the process.

Step 2 : Resetting Cartridge Option

1. Remove all cartridges from your Lexmark printer and proceed further.

2. Turn off your printer using the Power button. Leave your printer in the same condition for 30 seconds so that it can cool down properly.

3. Turn on your printer and go through the normal startup process. This will determine that no cartridges are installed.

4. Now repeat the step 3 and 4 for 5 times. By doing this, Lexmark printer will remove recent Lexmark ink cartridges from its memory & as a result, it will accept newly refilled ink cartridges.

If you face any problem with your reset Lexmark ink cartridge chip then come to Lexmark Printer Forum and receive one of the finest Printer help.



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Reset Ink Cartridge of Lexmark Printer?

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