Why Lexmark Printer is Not Communicating with Windows?

I have a Lexmark laser printer at home for over an year now. The printer has been working fine for most part but since I updated my Windows PC to the latest available Windows 10, something seems to be off. My printer is not responding to any print commands. I have tried restarting but for some reason it would not print any paper for me? What could be the possible reason?

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  • lay  3 years ago
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Lexmark Printer not Communicating with Computer -

Apply these fixes when Lexmark printer does not communicate with computer Windows 10 -

Restart Spooler Service 

You should have to restart print spooler when there exist communication problem between Lexmark printer and computer Windows 10 OS. Navigate to Cortana search bar and type “services” in it.

After this, choose the Services Desktop app. Next, scroll down mouse cursor to list of services and press right-click on Print Spooler. At last, tap on the “Restart” button to restart print spooler service.

Run a troubleshooter 

In Windows 10, there is official printer troubleshooter that automatically detect and also fix all printing nuisances. You can also download Windows 10 printer troubleshooter from Microsoft servers.

Once you download print spooler, press double click on it to run the file. To begin the troubleshooting, choose your printer from the list and hit the Next button. Printer troubleshooters can fix all printer connectivity issues, errors from printer drivers etc.

Check Your Lexmark Printer

If you are using outdated printer drivers for your Lexmark printer then update them as soon as possible. Also, check your printer is securely connected to your computer as an improper connection can also cause various issues.

You can also restart your printer to reset default settings. While resetting default settings of the printer, hold down the Power button for 5 seconds. By doing so, all cache will get cleared and your printer will get back to normal functioning.

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