Why Lexmark Printer is Showing Offline?

I have setup Lexmark X2670 printer with Windows 7 computer through a physical wired connection. But when I connect my printer wirelessly, "printer is offline" message displays on the screen. Please help me to make my printer online. Thanks in Advance!

  •   Mick
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  • lay  3 years ago
Answer - 1

Hello Miller, if your Lexmark Printer is Offline then perform these this measure to get your printer online in no time -

  1. In order to turn on your Lexmark Printer, first, navigate to Settings and then tap on Printers option. After this, press a right click on Printer and then choose “Use Printer Online”. Make sure “Use Printer Offline” mode is disabled.
  2. Now, clear the previous print-jobs. Hit double click on Printer and then move to Printer menu>Cancel All Documents. It might be possible that due to a stuck print job your Lexmark printer is offline.
  3. Next, turn off Lexmark Printer and then back on after a couple of minutes. Also, check all network connections and confirm that none is loose.
  4. Sometimes printer drivers are responsible for creating technical problems. In that case, if your Lexmark is not getting online then reinstall the drivers. Navigate to Settings>Printer and then choose your Lexmark printer. After this, press a right click on your printer and then select Properties. Move to “Details” tab and check the Drivers button. You can also download the driver for your Lexmark printer from Lexmark Printer official website.
  5. Reinstall Lexmark Printer. Navigate to Settings and then tap on Printers option. Next, delete the printer and reinstall it via Add Printer wizard. Go to printer’s manufacturer website and download the latest printer driver for your printer.

After going through above procedure, I hope you will succeed to make your Lexmark Printer online again. If you need additional help then drop a message here. For professional assistance, call at Lexmark Printer Technical Support Number.

  •   David
  • lay  2 months ago