How to Fix Faded Print of Pages Printed on a Lexmark Printer?

Please let me know that how to fix Faded Print of pages printed on a Lexmark printer. I am facing some issue while printing. Help me.

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Fix Faded Print of Pages Printed on a Lexmark Printer:

Are you facing issues with the faded print of your printer? Is the Lexmark printer not giving the output in the best quality? Let us help you out in getting rid of the Faded Print of Pages Printed on a Lexmark Printer. 


Light print on one side of the page; light print on the right side of the page; faded print; poor print quality; concerns with print quality


Follow the steps below to correct pages that have faded or washed-out print on one side of the page when they come out of the printer. If none of the suggested measures work, go to the Additional Assistance section at the end for information on how to get assistance or support.

  • Remove the toner cartridge assembly and gently shake it back and forth.
  • Try printing again after reinstalling it in the printer.
  • If it fixed the problem, the toner cartridge is most likely out of toner and will need to be changed shortly. It's a good idea to have an additional toner cartridge on hand at this point.

NOTE: A Toner Low warning on the printer's screen is another sign that the toner cartridge is due for replacement. This will be indicated by the toner low light () remaining solid on the E238 and E240 models (not flashing).

Make Certain You're Printing on Copy Paper

Check the type of paper or medium you're using for printing. Letterhead stock, textured paper, label stock, and card stock are examples of specialty materials that might result in poor print quality. Please try printing on normal copy paper if you're using any form of specialty media. As a result, special media will no longer be a part of the problem.

  • Remove any debris that may be preventing a roller from working properly.
  • Close the front lid and turn off the printer.
  • Remove the photoconductor and cartridge assembly.
  • Check the printer's interior for any obstacles.
  • Remove any impediments or rubbish you come across.
  • Replace the photoconductor assembly and cartridge.
  • Close the front cover of the book.
  • Check the cartridge is original or not

If the toner cartridge in question is an original Lexmark brand cartridge that is less than 30 days old, please contact the point of purchase to request a replacement. Please contact Lexmark Technical Support if the toner cartridge is more than 30 days old or if the place of purchase is unable to assist you.

See the section at the end of this text for more information. NOTE: To purchase toner cartridges or other printer supplies, go to and seek a supply ordering option. If the toner cartridge in question was made by a third party, contact the store where you bought it to get it changed.

Check the Photoconductor Unit

If you have an additional photoconductor unit on hand, turn off the printer and replace the photoconductor unit with a brand new one or a known good one from another printer of this kind.

Please try printing once more. If the problem persists after printing 50 pages or more, the problem is most likely caused by the photoconductor unit that came with the printer.

If the photoconductor unit is less than 30 days old, please inquire about having it changed at the point of purchase. Please contact Lexmark Technical Support if the photoconductor unit is older than 30 days or if the place of purchase is unable to assist you.


You need to get in touch with the customer support department if any of the solutions do not work for you. This will help you in getting rid of the faded print issues in the best manner.

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