How to Fix Samsung Printer Problems on Windows 10?

Samsung Printer Problems on Windows 10, I have a Samsung all-in-one color printer at home and I have been using it for over an year now. Recently I got my computer's operating system updated to Windows 10 from Windows 7. After the update my Samsung printer refuses to connect to my computer. I do not know what happened? I haven't changed any settings either on the printer or computer. Can anyone tell me what could be the reason for this?

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Fix Samsung Printer Problems on Windows 10:

The reason for your Samsung Printer Problems on Windows 10 after the update from Windows 10 could be because of a number of reason. I will discuss a different set of troubleshooting techniques to resolve Samsung Printer Problems issue.

Follow the instructions given below carefully to Fix Samsung Printer Problems on Windows 10:

Check All Your Connections

Make sure the wire connecting your printer to the computer is working fine, no cable in your computer or printer is damaged. Also, make sure to check all your power connections.

In case your printer is wireless or a network printer make sure that both the printer and the computer are on the same wifi network.

Re-Install Samsung Printer

At times it has been noticed in Windows 10 that the update causes the previously installed machines to disappear.

So set your printer as default going to "Start" > "Control Panel" > "Add a new device/printer" and let your computer search for the nearby devices.

Once your printer gets detected, click on it and follow the on-screen instructions to install this printer as your primary device.

Update Drivers of Samsung Printer

The new update from Windows 7 to Windows 10 might have caused the drivers to be erased or corrupted. So, go to your vendor's official website and download the latest available version and install it on your computer.

Please note that during installation your computer will restart a couple of times to make the necessary changes.

Update Firmware of Samsung Printer

Firmware contains encoded messages for your printer to function properly and in addition to that it provides necessary updates to the problems caused by an older version.

So like the previous step, go to your vendor's official website and download the latest available version of the firmware for your printer model.

Reset Your Computer to Earlier Times

If any of the above-mentioned steps do not resolve the issue, then make sure to reset your computer settings to a time when the printer was working fine.

Hopefully, these steps helped you in resolving Samsung Printer Problems on Windows 10 issue. in case you have any query related to the solution provided, kindly revert back and I will be glad to help.

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