Samsung Printer not Working Wirelessly?


As the trend of mobile devices and slimmer laptops is extensively getting popular, wireless printing has become the rules mostly in the workplaces. A strong WiFi connection is needed for printing through phone, tablet or PC. Although wireless printing is usually simple but at various times user experience a tough situation when the printer does not work wirelessly.

A lot of things can go wrong such as router configurations, automatic WiFi network connections. In this article, we have described a few tips to keep in mind when Samsung printer does not work wirelessly.

How to Troubleshoot Samsung Printer if it does not Work Wirelessly?

Method 1 – Restart All Devices

The first thing whenever your Samsung printer does not work wirelessly is to turn off your computer and Samsung printer and then restart after some time. You might be wondering why restarting is necessary but really a simple restart can resolve Samsung printer issue. If you have connected through a wireless router then disconnect it too and then establish the connection after some time.

Method 2 – Check Wireless Connectivity

The second thing is to confirm that your Samsung printer is connected to appropriate wireless network. When you use Samsung printer for a long time, then connectivity may hamper. If all of a sudden, your Samsung printer is not connecting then you should change your router’s password, SSID, security mode etc. When your Samsung printer disconnects from the wireless network then print a network configuration sheet from your printer.

It is extremely easy to print network configuration sheet. Actually, there is a menu option that lets you print the current network status of your Samsung printer. Thorugh this network configuration sheet, you can easily detect that your printer is connected to the wireless network or not. In that sheet, just check out the IP address if it looks like 169.254.x.x then you should understand your printer is properly connected to wireless network.

Method 3 - Disable Security Software

Have you recently install any antivirus on your system? If yes then it might be responsible for your problem i.e, Samsung printer not working wirelessly. Various times, Norton internet security, McAfee can block your connection from the computer to Samsung printer. Hence, no matter what kind of antivirus program you are using, just disable it and then check your Samsung printer is working wirelessly or not. In fact, if you have installed any virtualization program then uninstall them too.

Method 4 – Reconfigure Samsung Printer

If you have recently changed your router’s settings then in order for wireless printing to work, you have to reconfigure your Samsung printer. For instance, if you have changed your router’s password/SSID or even enabled MAC address filtering then you have to change Samsung printer settings to match the router.

Method 5 – Change Samsung Printer’s IP Address

At various times, printer IP address automatically changed itself and this can affect your wireless printing. For changing Samsung printer ‘s IP address check these points -

  1. Navigate to Samsung official website and download SetIP Utility. Once this application downloading completes, press double click on it. By doing so, the program will extract and then install on your system.
  2. After installing, run the SetIP program and choose your Samsung printer.
  3. Next, tap on Setup button and then configure the Setup program in this way -
    • In the upper section, there will exist your Samsung printer name.
    • Next, move to IP address section. This IP address is the current Samsung printer’s IP address. It will lie in the range of 192.168.0.x. to 192.168.1.x. So, you can easily change its value.
    • Check Subnet mask field, just double check its value with your router.
    • Now, move to the default gateway. Its value also lies in the range of to

After making required changes, click on Apply button.

Hope, this article will help to get back your Samsung printer to its normal working.

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If your Samsung printer not working wirelessly? you can simply follow this step, hope so you can solve your problem because I solved my same issue with this step. From the Start menu, select Programs or All Programs > Samsung Printers > Samsung Easy Printer Manager > Device Settings > Network. Wi-Fi Direct On/Off Select On to enable. Device Name: Enter the printer's name for searching for your printer on a wireless network.


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