How to Fix HP Printer Paper Jam Problem?

Hi, please give me any idea about that how to fix HP printer paper jam problem. When i am trying to print then HP printer jam the paper inside.

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Answer - 1

HP Printer Paper Jam Problem :

HP is a highly reputed and globally acclaimed brand known for its services in software, hardware, imaging and optical products. Since we are talking about paper jams, so the issue would be HP printer.A paper jam in a printer can be described when paper or other printed material gets stuck into a printer and is unable to eject.

Paper jams can happen in a hp printer for a variance of reasons. When you are printing something important and the printer paper jams, it can frustrate you to the level of saturation. Paper jams persist in all brands of the printer but by proper knowledge you can resolve the problem. Let’s resolve and fix the issue of printer paper jam in a HP printer.

Step 1 : Clearing the Paper Jam from the Outside of HP Printer

There are three areas in which your paper can be stuck or jammed. These three areas are the input tray, output tray and ADF.

Input and Output Tray - Carefully look if any paper is stuck inside the area where you enter the paper and where the paper exits.

Automatic Document Feeder - It is generally at the top of the printer. Check if any paper is stuck in the ADF.

Step 2 : Clearing the Paper Jam from the Inside of HP Printer

You can use a flashlight to check the interior of the printer if any paper is stuck. Before checking the interior of the printer, check for the following condition;

Your printer is turned off and disconnected from all power cords.

Now check for the jammed paper in the following areas;

Ink or Toner Cartridge Access Area - Open the ink or toner cartridge access door to check if any paper is stuck.

Under the Paper Path Cover - Remove the paper path cover behind the cartridge and clear away the jammed paper if there are any.

Input Tray - Check for the jammed paper inside the input tray.

Bottom Cleanout Door - There are some printers who have a bottom cleanout door. If your hp printer has a bottom cleanout door, then carefully lift the bottom cleanout and clear the jammed paper.

Rear Access Door - Detach the paper path cover from the rear access door if it is mandatory.

Reinstate any removed part and close any open door.

Reconnect the power cords and plug the power cords ON.

After all the cords have been properly connected, turn on the printer and give the print command to check if the printer is working.

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