How do I Clear an Error Message on an HP 1022N Printer?

Today I installed HP printer that I have purchased from Flipkart on my computer but after installation, a script error message popped up on my computer’s screen. I don’t know what ‘s the reason behind this script error message. I have also noticed that ethernet cable is properly connected to my printer and computer. I am using HP 1022n printer and Windows 7 operating system. Please suggest me easiest solution and also I don’t want to reinstall my Windows 7 OS.

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  • lay  3 years ago
Answer - 1

Fix HP Printer Script Error by the following way -

To fix HP printer’s script error, you have to reinstall your HP printer as a local printer on that operating system that you are using.

  1. Click on Start button and then type “printer” in the search box.
  2. Now from the displaying results, choose the option “Add a printer”.
  3. You are redirected to the next screen where you have to choose the best option for “What type of printer you want to install?”. Although you can select the option “Add a local printer”. Then hit Next button.
  4. On the next screen, press a click on radio box that is next to “Use an existing port”. Press a click on Next button.
  5. From the next screen, you have to choose your HP printer model from the printer model list. Hit Next.
  6. On the next appearing window, you have to select the option “Use the driver i.e., currently installed”. Again hit the Next button.
  7. Now you modify your printer name if you want or leave it as default.
  8. Lastly, complete the HP printer installation procedure by clicking on the Finish button.

I hope this method will help you to resolve the HP printer’s script error. If the problem still persists then I recommend you to update HP printer driver.

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