How do I Connect HP Envy 4520 Printer to WiFi?

Hello, Please let me know that how do i connect HP Envy 4520 printer to wifi. I am trying to connect HP envy printer to my home network wifi, but it's not connecting. Help me in this.

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Answer - 1

Connect HP Envy 4520 Printer to WiFi:

You can either download the software online or install it using the CD that came along with your printer. The process of connecting the HP envy 4520 printer to the wireless network is also very straightforward. Here in this article, we are going to fix HP envy 4520 not connecting to wifi.

Stated Below are the Steps That You Need to Follow for Connecting HP Envy 4520 Printer to wifi Network:

Step 1: Prepare to Install

  • Before you start with the process to connect HP envy 4520 printer to WiFi, you must know the wireless network name and password.
  • Also, you need to ensure that both your computer system and printer are turned on. Additionally, connect your PC to the same Wi-Fi network to which you want to link your printer device.
  • Power on your printer device and keep it close to the router and computer system while setting up your printer.
  • Remove any ethernet wires from your printer if connected.

Step 2: Connect HP Envy 4520 Printer to WiFi

Use wireless printer wizard to connect your printer device to the wireless network. This way your HP installer will be able to locate your printing device at the time of installation.

  • Power on your printer.
  • Go to the control panel of your printer and tap on the icon of the wireless network. The Wireless screen will open up.
  • Tap on settings.
  • Tap on the wireless setup wizard and carefully follow all the guidelines on your control panel for connecting your printing device to Wi-Fi.

Step 3: Install HP Envy 4520 Printer Driver

Download and install the HP envy 4520 printer drivers on your computer system. After that, install the full feature printer software. This software has both the HP printer assistant software and wireless print drivers for performing printer management and scanning functions.

  • Visit website and enter the model number of your printer. Select Begin and then click on download for downloading the printer software.
  • Double click on the driver file downloaded and start with the installation process.
  • When you will be asked to choose your printer driver and software, click on Full software and Drivers and then click on continue. After that, follow the instructions appearing on the screen for completing the installation.

HP Envy 4520 printer is a remarkable printing device as it performs multiple functions like copying, scanning, and printing. The product has a sleek and simple design. It has an amazing touchscreen display, excellent graphics, and bold highlight.

This printer model is a great choice for the users who are not particular about the quality of the text. It has a very simple and uncomplicated setup procedure. As far as print quality is concerned, the text quality is fine but the photo quality is not up to the mark. The software installation process is also quite simple.

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