How Do I Connect My Wireless Printer After Changing the Router?

Please let me know that how do i connect my wireless printer after changing the router. I am facing some issues while connecting it. Help me.

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Connect My Wireless Printer After Changing the Router:

In this article, you will learn how to connect your printer to a new wireless router after you are done upgrading from the old router. 

How should I Connect My Wireless Printer to a New Router- 

Whenever you change your router, your wireless network changes as well. This new network is quicker and operates on different frequencies. Moreover, it is going to have a new network name. Therefore, if you want to keep your printer connected to a wireless network, you will be required to reconnect it. 

Step 1: First of all, you need to confirm that your new router's wireless network is working properly. After that, you need to note the password of your wireless network as this is what you need to keep your network secure. 

Step 2: Turn on your printer and then use its Control Panel. After that, search for the networking settings menu. This process may differ from printer to printer. Some printer devices have a touchscreen panel and others have physical buttons and displays.

Also, there are some printer devices that have an app on their phone. Go to the main website of the manufacturer or consult the manual to get explicit instructions about the model. For the connection process, you need to go to Wi-Fi settings, Wireless or Networking settings. You can find this within the Setup or Settings menu. 

Step 3: Now, go to the Wi-Fi settings menu and search for the network name of your new router. In case you are not sure about the name of your router, then you must check the name on the sticker of your router. You may also check the same in the router manual or by visiting the manufacturer's website. 

Step 4: When asked, you need to enter your Wi-Fi password. This is the password that you used at the time of the setup process. You can see this option on the manual, manufacturer's website or your router's sticker. 

Step 5: Once you are done completing all these formalities, the printer will connect to your Wi-Fi network. You may also see the connection strength symbol somewhere on the screen. This will tell you how strong the connection is. 

It is always advisable to perform a test print after you are done connecting your printer to the network. However, for this you need to add your printer to the computer. 

Am I supposed to reconnect the printer after changing the router? 

If you don't wish to print wirelessly, you are not required to reconnect the printer after changing the router. However, you may need a wired connection to use the printer.

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