How Do I Fix an HP Printer Carriage Jam Problem?

Hello, Please let me know that about how do i fix an HP printer carriage jam problem. I am facing this issue with my hp printer. I don't know ho fix it.

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Answer - 1

Fix an HP Printer Carriage Jam Problem:

If your control panel is showing up the HP officejet pro 6978 carriage jam error, then there is a chance that a paper jam is responsible for it.

Some of the symptoms for a carriage jam is given below:

The printing job stops all of a sudden
The printer stops printing

Here are Some of the Methods that You Need to Follow in Order to Fix HP Printer Carriage Jam Problem:

Method 1:

There are several areas where the paper can get jammed. Take out the jammed paper from one position or area, then try printing it again. If it is still showing up the HP printer paper jammed error, then you can go to the other area for removing the jammed paper. These are some of the areas from where you need to clear the jammed paper.

  • Take out the jammed paper from the input tray
  • Take out the jammed paper from the output tray
  • Remove the jammed paper from the ink cartridge access area
  • Remove the jammed paper from the ADF
  • If any paper is jammed underneath the printer, then you must take it out as well.

If the carriage jam is happening because of the paper jam, then the issue will be resolved when the paper jam is removed.

Method 2:

Step 1: To solve HP printer carriage jam problem, turn off your printer and allow it to cool down for the next 60 seconds.

Step 2: Turn your printer on again and let it get warm.

Step 3: Take out the input tray and load some paper in the paper tray. See if the paper is loading properly.

Step 4: Align the paper again and put it back in the input tray

Step 5: After that, you can do a test print.

Step 6: In case the printer starts printing, then the issue will get resolved. Then, you can go ahead with printing documents without any problem.

Step 7: In case hp printer carriage jam problem does not fix, then you can use the next method.

Method 3:

Step 1: Turn on your printer

Step 2: Now, disconnect the power cord even when it is turned on. Now, disconnect the plug from the wall outlet as well.

Step 3: Disconnect all the cables.

Step 4:To solve HP printer carriage jam problem, open the lid of your printer for revealing the cartridge of your carriage.

Step 5: Place the carriage on the right side of your printer. Move the carriage to the right side manually. In case the carriage doesn’t move, then see if there is anything that obstructs the movement.

Step 6: Take out the paper if you find any jammed paper there.

Step 7: Move the carriage manually to the left side. Do the same kind of checking that you did in the previous step and remove the obstruction. Bring the carriage back to the right side.

Step 8: If you find that there is no obstruction anymore, then close the lid of your printer.

Step 9: To solve HP officejet pro 6978 carriage jam problem, connect the power cord and other wires once again.

Step 10: Turn on your printer and wait for it to get warm.

Step 11: Test print run.

Method 4:

Step 1: Turn on the printer and open the lid to fix HP officejet pro 6978 carriage stuck problem.

Step 2: Move the cartridge carriage towards the center of the printer.

Step 3: Use the HP Photosmart ink cartridges and put it on a paper so that it does not leak.

Step 4: If you find that the nozzles are clogged, then you must clean them.

Step 5: If you see that the ink level of your cartridge is less, then you should replace it.

Step 6: Properly install the cartridges again and that too in the right compartment to fix the hp printer
carriage jam problem.

Step 7: Once you have installed the cartridges securely, then close the lid of your printer.

Step 8: Run a test print.

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