How do I Get My HP Printer Online?

Today while printing with HP Officejet 7500 E 910, my printer goes offline all of a sudden. I thought there will be the power issue so I changed USB cable and connect my printer to another source of the power supply but still, there is no power in the HP printer. I don’t understand why my HP printer is not communicating with my operating system (Windows 10). If anybody knows what’s the reason behind this, then please discuss here and help me to make my printer online again.

  • Samuel
  • 2 Answer
  • February 13, 2024
Answer - 1

To make your HP Printer online, just make these efforts -

Use HP Print & Scan Doctor

  1. On your operating system, download and run HP Print & Scan Doctor using browser download capabilities.
  2. Once HP Print & Scan Doctor is downloaded, open it. To resolve your HP printer issue, just read and respond to the screens.

If still, your HP printer goes offline then proceed to next step.

Reset HP printer and check connection status

By resetting HP printer, it might be possible that your connection gets restored. Let’s see how -

  1. Turn on HP printer and check its status. If after turning on HP printer is offline then disconnect the power cord.
  2. After this, you have the unplugged power cord from the wall outlet and wait for a couple of minutes. Then restart your system.
  3. Then plug the power cord back to the wall outlet and another power cord to the rear of HP printer.
  4. If still, your printer is not turning on by itself then you have to press the Power button to turn it on.
  5. Confirm that your printer is connected to the computer. For this, navigate to the Settings menu and then verify that wireless signal is turned on. Also, verify that Wireless LED is illuminating.
  6. Now try to print. If you can print then you should understand that HP printer’s offline problem has been resolved otherwise proceed to next troubleshooting method.

Add printer using HP printer assistant

Firstly remove the Printers devices and then install your HP printer using HP Printing software.

  1. Go to Devices & Printers window and then press right click on HP Printer icon. Then you have to click on option “Remove Device”.
  2. Now open HP Printer Assistant. Then search for your printer name and when you find it in the displaying results, just click on it.
  3. To add your HP printer, just respond to the screens in a proper way.
  4. Navigate to “Devices & Printers” window and then press right click on your HP Printer. Choose Printer Properties.
  5. On the Properties window, tap on Ports tab and then choose the Standard port. Now try printing and scanning through your HP printer.

If the HP printer is still offline then please respond here, I will suggest you further advanced tips.

  •   Jed
  •   November 26, 2020
Answer - 2

Get Your HP Printer Online by Applying These Basic Steps -

Step 1 : Click on Start button and then move to Devices & Printers button.

Step 2 : On the next screen, you will see your HP printer’s icon, just tap on it. If your printer is not displaying there then click the printers in the window without manufacturer names, so that you can check the details of each.

Step 3 : Next, move to the bottom of the window, just next to Manufacturer, it says HP. Now, click on “See what’s printing” option.

Step 4 : Now you are redirected to next window where you have to click Printers menu. Also, remove the checkmark that is displaying next to “Use printers online”. If any items are present in print queue then HP printer will print them.

Step 5 : Also, check there does not exist paper jams, empty cartridge or issues.

  •   Frank
  •   November 26, 2020