How do I Get My Kodak Printer Back Online?

Hello all! I have a 5300 Kodak Printer. After connecting everything properly when I check my printer status, it says “Printer is showing offline”. When I troubleshoot the message, it says “Kodak Printer is off” but my printer is on. Also, there is no check beside “use printer offline” tab. Can anyone advise me how to get my Kodak printer back online?

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  • lay  3 years ago
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Get Kodak Printer Back Online:

The reason for your Kodak printer offline can be attributed to various factors. Do not worry as I will discuss a few troubleshooting techniques to resolve the issue of the Kodak printer offline. follow the instructions carefully:

Check All Your Connections

Make sure to check for all wired and wireless connections. make sure both ends of the USB are properly inserted into the machines. This might seem basic but the common mistakes are committed out of ignorance. Also, check if any of the cables are damaged.

Remove Pending Print Jobs

Often it has been seen with the printers that due to an overload of print jobs it might malfunction and go to sleep. So go to your print jobs page and delete all pending print jobs and restart the Kodak printer.

Powe Cycle the Whole Setup

Switch off your Kodak printer, the computer it is connected to, and your home wifi. Often if the issue is not serious this simple troubleshooting technique will resolve the problem. Switch on the whole setup after a wait of few minutes and see if the problem is resolved.

Make Kodak Printer Online Manually

Go to the "Control panel' of your computer and click on "Devices & Printers". Now right-click on your printer icon on the screen and select "Use Printer Online" options from the drop-down menu. If your printer does not have any internal hardware failure or issues, it should get back online.

Hopefully, these steps helped you in resolving the issue of getting a Kodak printer back online from offline. In case you have any further queries or problems, feel free to reach back and I will be glad to help you out further.

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