How to Fix Kodak Printer Paper Jam?

I don’t understanding that why “paper jam ”error message is displaying after removing struck papers from the printer. Whenever I try to print something, error code 3527 displays on the screen. I am 100% sure that there does not exist any jammed papers. Has anyone has faced similar problem, please suggest me something to resolve Kodak printer paper jam? Printer model number - Kodak ESP C315 printer One more thing my device is about 6 weeks out of guarantee.

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Check These Points to Fix Kodak Printer Paper Jam -

Step 1: Whenever there exists paper jam in your Kodak printer, you have to remove ink cartridges. For this, lift Kodak printer access door and then remove the ink cartridges from the printhead.

Step 2: If due to any reason printhead does not move to the central position, press Home button>Maintanence button. Confirm that ink cartridge option is available. Then choose option “Install Ink Cartridge” and hit the OK button. Then proceed to next step. If any error occurs on printer’s control panel or on the printer’s status monitor, press Cancel button.

Step 3: Navigate to “Kodak Printer Downloads and Driver” page and choose your printer from the drop-down list. Download and install latest firmware version for your printer and follow on-screen instructions to complete this process.

Step 4: After upgrading firmware, press Home button from your Kodak printer control panel. Choose Maintenance tab and hit OK. Choose the option “Install ink Cartridge” and then again hit the OK button. Then follow on-screen prompts to finish installing.

Step 5: Now, insert black ink cartridge into printhead and then gently press it downside until you hear the sound of the click. Also, install color ink cartridges in the same way. Close Kodak printer access door and hit OK. Check if your Kodak printer is printing properly or not.

If Still Kodak Printer Paper Jam Exists, Then Remove Ink Cartridges via Troubleshooting Step -

  • Slide a piece of cardstock or paper in that direction that you normally feed paper.

  • After this, turn the Kodak printer over and give it a little shake. Return the printer to its normal position and then turn it on.
  • It might be possible that due to dust or small piece of paper is blocking the sensor, so this step is necessary to perform.

By turning on or off a printer and shaking it can fix Kodak Mini 2 printer jam problem.


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