How to Print on Kodak Ultra Paper?

Hello, Please let me know that how to print on Kodak ultra paper. I am facing some issues while printing on that printer. Help me.

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Print on Kodak Ultra Paper:

If you want high-quality prints for your work, then you need to use paper that has an attractive finish, a glossy look, stability, and thickness. The Ultra Premium photo paper of Kodak has got all these amazing features that can help you print high-quality images for your work.

In case you are using Kodak EasyShare all-in-one printer, then it will adjust the settings of your printer according to the paper that you have inserted in your machine.

In case you are using a separate printer model, then you will have to make changes in the settings manually to attain the results you want.

Below are the Steps that You Need to Carry Out in Order to Print on Kodak Ultra Paper.

Step 1: Remove the packaging of your Kodak Ultra Premium paper. Now, hold the paper from the corners. Please ensure that you don't get any fingerprints on your paper.

Step 2: Adjust the paper feed in your printer if required. Now, insert the sheets into the tray.

Step 3: Set print quality by using a photo printer application. Also, select the size of the image.

Step 4: Set your printer on the photo printing mode by making modifications in the settings. Choose the option of Setup and then go to Options and then finally select Properties. Settings vary from model to model.

For instance, if you are using an Epson printer, then select the option of the Best photo and Glossy photo paper. In case you are using an HP printer, then select HP Premium Plus Photo Paper. In case you are using a Canon printer, then choose the option of Photo Paper Pro and High.

Step 5: Select the "Print" button by going to the photo-printing software. Now, select the Print option on your printer.

Step 6: Hold the finished prints from the corners of the paper and take them out. Keep the paper on the table or some other flat surface. Don't frame or stack the fresh prints and keep them untouched for at least 24 hours.

Step 7: Take a photo album and store prints over there. You can also store the printed photos in a glass frame or archival plastic sleeve. This way, these printed images will have a long life.

So, these are the steps that you need to follow to print on Kodak Ultra Paper.

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