How to Set up Kodak ESP 5250 Printer?

Hello, Please let me know that how to set up Kodak ESP 5250 printer. I bought this Kodak ESP 5250 printer, but don't know how to setup it. Help me in this problem.

Setup Kodak Printer ESP 5250 :

Are you searching for the full step by step guide to set up Kodak ESP 5250 Printer? Do you need full procedural information regarding that? We will help you fully in providing all the necessary information related to that.

Setting up Kodak ESP 5250 Printer:

So, how does Kodak start producing Printers and where did Kodak come from? The Eastman Kodak Company or simply referred to as Kodak is a company from the United States of America. Kodak is famous for making old-style film cameras. The main headquarters of the company is located in Rochester, New York but the company is basically from New Jersey.

The Founders of the company are George Eastman and Henry A. Strong. They founded the company on the date of September 4 in the year of 1888. Kodak lost its growth starting in the 1990s due to their camera film sales declined due to the advent of digital photography.

So, How to Setup Kodak ESP 5250 Printer:

Kodak produces great quality printers but sometimes their customers have an issue setting up these units of printers. To mitigate this issue and to help those customers who are stuck in this problem of setting up Kodak ESP 5250 printer we will today provide a full step by step guide for the same.

Setting up Using a Computer:

To Set up the Kodak Printer Through a Computer Follow this Simple Guide:

This basic guide will help you in troubleshooting the different steps through which you can learn how to Set up the hardware

The Connection of Printer Through:

  • Computer with the use of USB 2.0 cable
  • Using an Ethernet cable with the computer
  • Network connection of printer using Wi-Fi connection system.

You have to Check the Basic Kodak esp 5250 drivers in the Computers and the Drivers that are Required or Printer:

  • These drivers are required for certain operating systems that include:
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. This river size of these versions can be between 10-12 MB.
    For Mac: Mac OS X 10.8.x, Mac OS X 10.7.x, Mac OS X 10.6.x, Mac OS X 10.5.x. The different firmware download size can be between 10 MB to 80 MB.
  • There are other wireless drivers available but we will talk later about it.
  • To install this software you need to double click on this software and all the required steps need to be followed. The software will require many permissions to install. Do allow these permissions.
  • To set up the printer for wireless prints, you need to connect your printer to a Wi-Fi and fill in the password and Wi-Fi name using the LCD touch screen that is provided in the printer.
  • Depending on the printer type there are two types of screen that are provided in the printer. One is a touchscreen model while another one can be the non-touchscreen model with physical buttons.

Now your Kodak ESP 5250 printer is connected wirelessly. You can easily give prints to the printer without any wires connecting these two devices. This is how you set up the Kodak ESP 5250 printer. If somebody needs to set up his printer please do share this with the concerned person.



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How to Set up Kodak ESP 5250 Printer?

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