Kodak Printer not Printing Color

Kodak Printer Not Printing Colored Ink

The issue of printers, Kodak in this case not able to print colors can be attributed to various reasons. Kodak printer is considered to be one of the finest in the industry as they are one of the pioneers of imaging technology.

So the chances are that the fault might have occurred due to misplacement of a cartridge or maybe a wrong setting. In this article, I will discuss various troubleshooting techniques to resolve the issue of the Kodak printer not printing colour. The main reason for your Kodak printer malfunction is because of two main reasons.

  • Ink cartridge misplacement
  • Low ink levels.
  • Printhead blockage

Troubleshooting Techniques to Resolve Kodak Printer Not Printing Color Issue

1. Ink Cartridge Misplacement: The issue of your Kodak printer not being able to print colour can be attributed to ink cartridges not being properly inserted in their position. The chances of this are fairly high as people often ignore the basic and simple steps.

Possible Solution: Open the top of your Kodak printer carefully take out the ink cartridges and place them back carefully in their position. Make sure they are properly set to their respective position. Print a test page to see if the issue is resolved.

2. Low Ink Levels: This is one major issue with printers, the level of ink. Some printers stop printing well in advance even if you have enough ink to carry on for a week or so. Some other printers only notify you when the ink ends.

Possible Solution: The best way to check whether the ink is present or not, open the top part of your Kodak printer and take out the color ink cartridges. Now check each one of them one by one to see whether the ink levels are abundant, if not refill it. Make sure to use only the brand recommended or the original ink as anything apart from that may cause serious damage to the printer.

3. Printhead Blockage: Print heads are responsible for transferring ink from the cartridges to the paper. Sometimes these printheads get blocked due to excess use. So make sure to clean it from time to time.

Possible Solution: Open the top shelf and carefully separate the printhead from the machine. Now using a clean piece of cloth soaked in warm water, clean the printhead carefully. Once the cleaning part is complete, put it back in its position and make sure it has been properly installed.

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