My Kodak Printer Won't Print

Recently my Kodak printer has started printing only blank pages. The important thing is that printer cartridges are full and still this my Kodak printer is not printing anything. I have no idea how is this possible as my Kodak printer is not printing anything. One important thing i.e., I was trying to print a PDF file and I even don’t know if same thing will also happen with other file formats. Please suggest me some easy measure so that my Kodak printer can print all file formats. My Printer - Kodak ESP 5200 series printer Operating System – Windows 10

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Answer - 1

If Your Kodak Printer not Printing then -

If your Kodak printer not printing anything then the first thing is you will need those drivers that are compatible with Windows 10.

  1. First, navigate to your printer’s manufacturer website and then download the drivers that are compatible with Windows 10. This file will be downloaded in .exe format.
  2. Save the downloaded file on system’s desktop. Press right click on downloaded file and then choose Properties.
  3. Move to the Compatibility tab and then click on the checkbox that is next to “Run this program in compatibility mode”. Choose the Windows version and then check the option “Run as administrator”. Save the changes.
  4. Run the .exe file and finish the installation process.

To Check If Your Problem is Resolved or Not, Just Follow These Steps -

  • On your computer, go to Settings> Devices.
  • Move to “Printers and Scanner” section and then click on “Add a printer”.

  • Next, click on the option “The printer I want is not listed here”.

  • You can also choose “My printer is a little order. Help me to find it”. Then hit Next.
  • Now your printer will show in the list. You are now redirected to the driver installation window.
  • Find “Kodak” and check if the driver certificate is present or not. Highlight the driver certificate and then start the installation process.

I hope this information will help to resume printing with Kodak printer.

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Answer - 2

Troubleshoot Kodak Printer not Printing Issue-

When a Kodak printer not printing anything then it might be possible that the issues are related to the ink cartridge, so you clean ink cartridges.

Step 1: First of all, lift the lid of your Kodak printer and wait for some moment so that print cartridges come to the center. One more thing to note i.e., don’t touch the ink with your bare hands as this can cause severe damage to Kodak printer.

Step 2: Now, lift the cartridge cover and tilt the blank and color ink cartridges forward. Carefully lift the ink cartridges, put them aside, and close the printer cover.

Step 3: Check the ink cartridges properly and make sure there does not exist dried ink or paper dust. When you don’t use the printer for a long time then print cartridge can accumulate dust or debris. Because of debris inkjets get blocked and cause the ink cartridge to stop working.

Step 4: Take some warm water and dip a cotton swab in it. From that cotton swab, clean the bottom of the cartridge until paper dust or dried ink get removed. If there exists a high accumulation of paper dust or ink then take some isopropyl alcohol and dip a cotton cloth in it and then clean the ink cartridge.


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