Why My Kodak Printer is Not Printing Anything?

I purchased Kodak ESP 3250 Printer from Flipkart. I have set up my printer properly after reading instructions from the manual that came with Kodak printer. But after installing, when I print anything, the normal text looks faded. To fix the print quality issue, I have also tried printers print head cleaning and alignment utility but still all printed text is looking faded. I have also changed ink cassettes but it does not seem to make any difference as the printed text is still faded.

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If your Kodak Printer is Not Printing Anything -

  1. Confirm that you are using appropriate drivers for your Kodak printer.
  2. Verify that your printer is on a flat, stable surface that extends beyond the printer base in all directions. Your Kodak printer will not operate properly if it is tilted.
  3. The paper you are using is not damaged, dirty or too old. Also, confirm that the printable side of the paper is face up in the sheet folder.
  4. Run head cleaning utility and print head alignment utility.

Fix Kodak printer's issue -


If the resolution of the image that you want to print is too low then your printer can print it blurry. If you are trying to print web image then verify that image has PPI of 72 to 100. To print with clarity, the image should have a resolution of at least 150 ppm.

Enlarging small images

If the original image id of 3*4 inches, then printer invents image information where it does not exist and also the resulting print is blurry. So, print the photo in its original size rather than enlarging it.

Quality Settings 

Kodak printer has a number of quality settings that range from Draft to Best Quality. Use lowest quality settings such as “Draft” to check where the image prints on the page rather than depending on it for a quality print.

Ink nozzles/alignment 

If the resolution, size, and settings are appropriate then it might be possible that you have the problem with nozzles on ink cartridges or with the printer head alignment. If nozzles get clogged or ink cartridge does not print adequately then the resulting image will print blurry. In all printers, there is a built-in utility program that will help to resolve print quality issues in Kodak printer.

Paper issues 

If you are using the incorrect size of paper or loaded on the wrong side then you can experience print quality issues. If you are printing on a glossy paper and loaded it on the wrong side then the paper will not properly absorb ink and resulting printout will blurry.

Printer drivers 

If your Kodak printer not printing anything problem still persists then you have to reload printer drivers. For this, check the Kodak official website to update your printer drivers.

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