How to Set up Cloud Print on Kodak Printer?

Hello, Please let me know how to set up cloud print on Kodak printer. I am facing some technical issue in this while printing with cloud print. Help me.

Setup Cloud Print on Kodak Printer:

Google Cloud-Print is a provision that links your house and workplace printers to the network. Ever Since your printer is linked to the web, you can imprint it from anyplace, by making use of any Internet-related device, with the Computers, Macs, Chromebooks, phones, or tablets.

Set-up Your Imprinter with the Google Cloud-Print

To photo copy over the Wi-Fi from your supercomputer, or to promptly contribute to your printer with others, you can link your copier to Google Cloud Print. You will require:

    • A printer that links to the Wi-Fi
    • A supercomputer with the Chrome browser connected.

Setup of the Cloud Print on Kodak Printer

Your printer sub-lets you to imprint from anyplace in the world from the smart devices including smartphone, tab, or supercomputer that uses up the Google Cloud-Print supported apps. Kodak Email Print sublets you to send out emails and attachments to your printer by making use of any email account.

You are required to sign up your printer with a Google-Account to facilitate these aspects.

    • Ensure that the printer and PC are linked to a similar network.
    • Make certain that you have the most recent version of the Home-Centre Software and imprinter firmware.
    • Act on any of the following.

Unlock the Home-Centre Software program, then, click on the Setup cloud print on Kodak printer. Varying upon on your OS, use up the paths mentioned below to pick out the Cloud-Printing Set-Up.

WINDOWS XP Operating System: Begin with Start > Programs > Kodak > KODAK AIO Printer Tools, then get on the Cloud-Printing Set-Up.

WINDOWS VISTA & 7 Operating System: Choose the Windows icon > All Programs > Kodak > kodak aio Home-Centre > Printer-Tools > clack on the Cloud-Printing Set-Up.

MAC Operating System: Pick kodak-aio Home-Centre > Tools > click on the Cloud-Printing Set-Up.

    • In the Google Cloud-Print Set-Up screen, click on Start-Now.
    • Catch On the on-screen directions. You might have to sign in to your Google Account throughout the set-up procedure.
    • When you view the ‘Thanks, you are ready to go’ note, close up the screen and go back to Google Cloud-Print Set-Up.
    • Clack on Claim-Address, then, go-to Accept’ key. If you need to change over the e-mail address of your printer, clack on Change-E-mail, and go along with the on-screen guidelines.

Ensure that you have plain paper loaded in the printer. A page will be forwarded to your printer to reveal that the printer has been effectively set-up. This can take only some minutes. The page involves the e-mail-address the imprinter.

Fix the Snags for the Setup of Cloud Print on Kodak Printer

1. You cannot Setup Your Imprinter

Do the below measures:

    • Make certain that you are running the newest version of Chrome.
    • Turning your printer OFF, then switch it on once again.

2. You have Setup Your Printer, But cannot Imprint

    • Ensure that the printer is linked to a similar Wi-Fi network as your PC.
    • You have copied Google-Chrome or are using a Chrome-book. You are imprinting from Chrome.

Ensure that the set-up of your PC with the printer is also turned ON and linked to the identical Wi-Fi system as your printer if your printer is not cloud-ready.




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How to Set up Cloud Print on Kodak Printer?

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