How to Connect Kodak Printer to Computer?

Hey guys! I recently purchased Kodak ESP 2150SE Wireless Office All-In-One printer. I don’t have technical knowledge, so can anyone guide me how to connect Kodak Printer to computer in a hassle-free way. I have also read manual but find it difficult to install Kodak printer. Any responses are highly welcomed!

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Answer - 1

Kodak ESP Office 2150 Wireless Setup:

Follow These Steps to Connect Kodak Printer Wirelessly to Computer-

  • First of all, make sure your computer has a wireless card installed. If your system does not have installed wireless card then use “dongle” on the USB port. At various times, when a system gets shuts down then it becomes difficult to establish a wireless connection at startup. If you are using a desktop computer with PCI card slots then you can easily install a WiFi PCI card due to which your computer is available for other wireless connections.

  • Now, take a USB cable and connect your Kodak printer to the system through it. Once the connection has been set up between the Kodak printer and the computer then you can remove the USB cable.

  • Insert Kodak software disc into your system and follow on-screen instructions to install drivers. If your system has wireless capabilities then Kodak software disc will help you to setup kodak esp 5250 wireless.

  • Next, press the “Home” button on your Kodak printer. By doing this, options will come upon the printer’s LCD screen. To scroll down to “WiFi Setup Wizard”, just use arrow keys. Now, choose the OK button and then choose the Wireless option from the menu. Now your printer will redirect you to a list of potential networks, from where you can choose the desired network.

  • Once the setup is complete then disconnect the USB cable and turn off the Kodak printer. Wait for a few moments and then turn on your printer. Give some time to startup and then you will see WiFi light is blinking on the printer. If it is stable then everything is OK but if it is flashing then there is some problem with connection.
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