How do I Print Black and White on HP Photosmart 5520?

Hello, Please let me know that how do I print black and white on HP Photosmart 5520. I am not able to print with this HP Photosmart 5520 printer. Help me.

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Answer - 1

Print Black and White on HP Photosmart 5520:

Most of the printers come with colored and grayscale printing features. Likewise, HP Photosmart 5520 makes use of black ink cartridge to give black and white prints. But what if when your HP photosmart 5520 not printing black and white.

The original colors present in an original document or photo are automatically changed to black through these printers. You just need to select the appropriate black and white setting when you wish to print only with the black ink cartridge.

However, sometimes the users might face difficulty or issues when they print black and white on HP Photosmart 5520. You may find that the black ink is leaking, then you can change and replace the ink cartridge. Now, the black ink is not showing up at all.

After you have replaced the ink cartridge, you are still unable to print black and white on HP Photosmart 5520. Now, what to do, quickly follow the discussed guide below.

Step 1: Firstly make sure that the cartridge vents are cleared.

Step 2: Next, turn on the printer by pressing the Power button on the printer if not previously turned ready. Let the printer stay idle and wait for a while before continuing further.

Step 3: In the next step, open the cartridge access door and the carriage moves to the access area.

Step 4: Find the tab on the front side of the cartridge and press it inwards to release it. Subsequently, take the cartridge out of the slot and remove it by pulling the cartridge up.

Step 5: Now in the next step, carefully examine the vent area on each cartridge present above the HP logo at the top of the cartridge.

Step 6: In a case the cartridge still has the orange pull-tab attached with it, pull up to remove it.

Step 7: If the cartridge vent is excessively clogged with glue material, make use of a straight pin and gently remove excess adhesive from the vent area.

Always use a straight pin for gently removing the excess adhesive from the vent portion. This might be a reason preventing software to print black and white on HP Photosmart 5520.

Step 8: Ensure that the nozzle and contacts are facing down. Then, slide the cartridge into its slot position. Keep pressing the cartridge down side until it clicks into place accurately.

Step 9: Finally, you can then execute a Printer Reset.

Are You able to Print Black and White on HP Photosmart 5520 or Not?

So now when you have reset your printer and unclogged the cartridge vent area, you can check whether the print issue has resolved or not. To test the printing function, follow the given steps:

Step 1: Turn on your HP Photosmart 5520 printer if its not turned on already.

Step 2: Wait for the time while the printer is idle and silent before continuing with further steps.

Step 3: While keeping the printer turned on, disconnect the power cord from the rear end of the printer.

Step 4: Remove the power cord from the wall outlet or any other source.

Step 5: Next, wait for at least 60 seconds.

Step 6: Plug in the removed power cord back into the wall outlet or source.

Step 7: Initiate and test the blank and white print function of your Hp printer.

Point to Note: HP recommends you to connect the printer power cord directly to the wall outlet without any intermediate connections in between.

Step 8: Considering the above fact, reconnect the power cord to the rear end of the printer machine.

Step 9: If your printer does not turns on automatically , turn it on manually.

Step 10: After executing all these above steps, your printer might go through a warm-up. In this period, the printer lights might flash, and the carriage might move considerably.

Step 11: Finally, you need to wait until the warm-up period ends, your printer is idle and silent before you proceed.

Note: The printhead is also a critical element of a printer so it requires timely cleaning.

Step 12: Ensure to use plain white U.S. letter or A4 size paper which is loaded in the paper tray.

Step 13: Go to the control panel home screen, select the Tools under the Settings icon.

Step 14: Press the Down Arrow and tap the Clean Printhead.

Hope the answer is useful to print black and white on HP Photosmart 5520.

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