How to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi Without Cable?

Is there anyone who knows about how to connect Canon printer to wifi without cable. I am facing some issues in this. Help me.

Connect a Canon Printer to WiFi Without Cable:

How to Connect a Canon Printer to WiFi Without Cable? Is this a question that you've been reconsidering? Well, you may undoubtedly accomplish this without having to go through a challenging procedure.

Step 1: As long as both your computer/device and printer are linked to the same WiFi network, you should be able to connect your printer to your WiFi network and print effortlessly.

Step 2: Printers have advanced significantly in recent years, and many now use infrared or Bluetooth for connectivity, while others include Ethernet ports and built-in wireless adapters.

Step 3: Simply turn on the printer and scroll through the interface to see if WiFi is on or disabled.

Step 4: Next, choose a wireless network, provide a password if necessary, and the printer will automatically obtain an IP address from the network.

Step 5: However, not every printer will allow you to select a specific network or enter a password.

Step 6: There might be setup software, which means you'll have to run it to find the network and then finish setting it up.

Step 7: If your printer has an Ethernet port, you may easily connect it to your wireless switch or router. This will assist you in connecting your device to your WiFi network.

Step 8: When you try to set up your printer on the computer, it will detect it and prompt you to install the necessary drivers.

Your printer can also be added as a local printer (USB). When prompted for a port on a Windows computer, select TCP/IP to enter the printer's IP address.

How You can Connect the Canon Printer to WiFi without Cable-

Let's say your printer just has a USB port, and you want to connect to WiFi without using a cable. For Mac computers, AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, or AirPort Time Capsule can connect to the printer and share it across the WiFi network. A few NAS (network-attached storage) systems also include printer sharing capabilities.

  • Another alternative is Google Cloud Print, which connects the printer to the internet.
  • Signing up necessitates the use of Google Chrome.
  • After that, select Show Advanced Settings from the Settings menu.
  • Here you'll find the Google Cloud Print option, which you may then select Add Printers from.
  • The printer must be cloud-ready, and it will be listed if it is.
  • If you want to attach your standard old printer to your Google account, select Classic Printer.
  • The reset will be completed very quickly!


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How to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi Without Cable?

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