How to Connect HP Bluetooth Printer to Laptop?

I have Toshiba X500-10T laptop and a HP printer. While connecting bluetooth printer, when I click on Manage Bluetooth Devices, my printer gets pair with laptop. And after a few seconds, printer gets disconnect and “Try again and make sure your printer is still discoverable” message displays on the screen. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • lay  Oct 9, 2020
Answer - 1

Connect HP Bluetooth Printer to Laptop:

You can simply use the Bluetooth functionality of your computer or add the printer through the inbuilt wizard on your computer. I will discuss both ways to connect HP Bluetooth printer to laptop here. Follow the instructions carefully.

Connect HP Printer to Laptop Bluetooth:

Step 1: Connect your printer to a power outlet and switch it on, Now turn on the Bluetooth of your printer and make sure it is discoverable.

Step 2: Go to your computer's Bluetooth set up and click on "Search For nearby devices", now your computer will search and present you a list of nearby devices. Select your printer name from the given list and your computer will pair up with your printer.

Note: Certain printers require an adapter for the Bluetooth functionality to work if your computer is not able to detect the printer then buy a Bluetooth adapter which hardly costs a few bucks. After installing the adapter try the above-mentioned steps again.

Step 3: Install the drivers for your printer from the CD which you got along with it or download it from the vendor's website and you will be able to use your printer

Connect HP Printer Without Bluetooth:

Step 1: Connect your printer to your PC using the USB cable and then go to your computer's Control panel.

Step 2: Click on "Add a New Printer device". Now your computer will search for any printer nearby your computer. Select your printer name from the given list and give necessary permissions to start the setup wizard.

Step 3: Follow the on-screen instruction and install the printer on your computer. Make sure to make this your default printer if you are not using any other machine.

Step 4: Install the required printer driver for your machine from the vendor's official website and you are good to go.

Hopefully, these steps will help you connect HP bluetooth printer to laptop. In case you have any further inquiries regarding the same, feel free to reply back.

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