How to Connect HP Photosmart C4780 to WiFi?

Please let me know that how to connect HP photosmart c4780 to wifi. I bought this printer before some time but now facing some issues in this. Help me.

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Connect HP Photosmart c4780 to WiFi:

Another amazing feature of HP Photosmart c4780 is its cartridge. It is made up of about 50% recycled materials. This is quite an unexpected step towards the conservation of the environment. Even the cartridges are easy to install and can be done without much hassle. 

The best feature that’s loaded in the printer is that of wireless wifi connectivity. Before we move to how to connect HP Photosmart c4780 to wifi, let’s set up the printer first for wireless connection.

Firstly make note of the following information;

  • Network name (the SSID)
  • Network Password (WPA security passphrase)
  • Computer or laptop that is connected to the wifi 
  • Wireless printer
  • USB cable

Now Follow the Steps Below to Connect HP Photosmart C4780

Step 1: Turn on and wait for the light on the printer to become solid. 

Step 2: Plug the router’s power cord into the socket.

Step 3: Turn it on. 

Step 4: Navigate to the printer’s control panel. 

Step 5: On the panel, you will find an option for Network, click on it. 

Step 6: Select the wireless installation wizard

Step 7: Search for the networks nearby and choose your wifi connection

Step 8: Enter the password and check the control panel in order to verify the connection.

This is how you connect HP Photosmart c4780 to wifi. It is quick, easy, and the most reliable way to connect any printer to your wifi connection. 

Now that you know how to connect HP Photosmart c4780 to wifi, let’s look at one of the common problems that users face, which is of troubleshooting the network or printer during connection issues. 

  • Restart both your computer as well as printer. 
  • Cross check whether the printer’s connection and the network name. The blue light on the printer should be stable. 
  • Restart the router. Often connectivity issues are resolved when the main source of connection is switched on. 
  • Remove any metallic objects that might be posing as an obstruction between the printer and the router. Objects like refrigerators, metallic drawers, or shelves could act as an obstruction between the wireless connections. 
  • You can even check the firewall software that might prevent the printer from accessing your computer. 
  • Another easy way of fixing the issue is by moving the router and printer closer. This might sound weird, but if your wifi connection is not that good, you can try by bringing both of them in close vicinity.

The HP Photosmart c4780 is an all-in-one printer and is amongst HP’s best-selling products in the long run. The printer has amazing features like compact size and good picture quality. Moreover, it is also amongst the most effective printers. The design unlike older models is modern and sharp.

It does not look like a black box kept somewhere in the room. The design is what perfectly fits any kind of space whether home or office. The printer also has a scanner that can help you get photocopies at the ease of your home. The scanner can be easily accessed by opening the lid at the top. 

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