How to Connect HP Printer Wirelessly?

When I connect my HP printer wirelessly, my printer refuses to print. On the other hand, when I connect my HP printer through USB cable connection then my printer works fine. I don’t understand why my printer is not printing anything when connected wirelessly. I have also run scan doctor, reinstalled software but everything result nothing, my problem is still same. Can anybody share the procedure of connecting HP printer wirelessly so that I can check where I have made mistake?


In order to make your printer work wirelessly, you need to configure it as per your home network in order to use the wireless functionalities. I will discuss how to set up your HP printer here, You need to have your network's SSID and Password beforehand kindly follow the instructions mentioned carefully:

1. Connect your printer to a power outlet and turn it on, now insert the software CD which you got along with the printer into the CD ROM of your computer. Install the drivers for your printer onto your computer first. If you do not have the CD then do not worry, head over to your vendor's website and search your device by model number. Now go to its respective download section and download all available driver for your printer and install them.

2. Go to your printer's wireless or connectivity settings either directly through the screen present on your printer or via the software on your computer. Click on connect to a network. A list of networks will be there, select your home network and enter the SSID and Password. Your printer should be able to connect it to your network.

3. Install the printer on your computer. You can do it via your OS enabled wizard or with the help of your software CD. If your computer still does not detect your printer then connect it via USB cable and install it on your computer. Make sure to make it as your default printer. Save the settings and you will be able to use it wirelessly.

Hopefully, these methods helped you in setting up your HP printer wirelessly. In case you have any further doubts or queries regarding the same, feel free to reply back.

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How to Connect HP Printer Wirelessly?

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